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Have you ever spent money on anything like this? Never invest in anything you dont understand. @theovon
Yes, these are surprising, but very real statistics. My team conducted the largest study of millionaires EVER done. They talked to 10,000 millionaires about who they are and what helped them achieve that goal. Only 15% of millionaires had a career in which they held a senior leadership role like ...
Do you treat money like candles or cake? @theovon
Sometimes hosting the show with your dad can be interestingespecially when he comes up with a metaphor you never would have used
You dont want to miss this!Link in my bio to enter, and check out the deals while youre there!
My children arent responsible to take care of me. Im responsible to take care of me. Its my job to pay my bills. Plus I dont want to be a burden to my kids.Youre not responsible to financially take care of your parents, but youre allowed to have that feeling. It means youre a good person. It mean...
You wont want to miss this! @theovon
Hundreds of times, Ive seen relationships strained and sometimes destroyed from loaning money. We all have, but we continue to believe the myth that a loan to a loved one is a blessing. It isntits a curse. Dont put that burden on any relationship you care about.
A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. If you dont make a plan for your money, that lack of a plan will forever control you. Start today with my teams FREE budgeting app, EveryDollar. Link in my bio!
Join us for the ultimate debt-free vacation! Youve done the hard work and lived like no one elseand youre part of the community of people who have kicked debt to the curb for good and saved for the future. Now its time to celebrate your freedom!Were thrilled to invite you to the Live Like No One ...
Honored to spend some time with @vivekgramaswamy on The Ramsey Show today. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.
Investing shouldnt be hard, but its not something you can learn in a 60-second video on social media. And thats why Im diving deep into investing in a brand-new two-night event.For the first time ever, youll get my personal playbook for investing, including how I buy real estate (I do love real e...