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Finally getting over this sickness! Great to be back out on the bikeand I was sick doing the freezing spell so.maybe I shouldnt complain.
Ive not posted for a while as Ive been looking after a poorly child, attempting to complete foster training and working with a child at home is impossible. Obviously as soon as kiddo was better I then caught her bug.This photo popped up on my feedweirdly I remember exactly when it was. It was 201...
The satisfying noise of removing my old @quadlock screen protector paired with the frustration of always getting air bubbleslife is all about balance
So an hour riding on the turbo is more efficient than an hour outsidebut I still pick outside in the freezing cold as its good for my head. Heres a photo of me and the fat cat for attention.
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year. We have a new addition to the house, meet Sooty Tempura Baby the 3rd also managed to freshen up the bikes for 2024
As a single parent impossible to get work done during the holidaysbut Im stoked I get to bash out a little training session with kiddo. Lots of indoor rides ahead, anyone fancy joining me for an early morning live stream/group ride?
Winter isnt that bad.
Got sent the @igpsport.official BSC300 to test out, this little device is dead good for the price! Full review over on my YouTube.
Paint and build in one minute.
Didnt want to do this todaybut got it done.
Kiddo is off school as shes been sick, which means getting work done is a balancing act. I was filming a bike check and she asked to do one for her new Marin Coast Trailso here it is.