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For the past 9 months Ive been going through the very intense process to be able to foster children. Ive been very open about my daughters adoption, I feel its important to be open and talk about these things. However the foster process is different from the adoption processIm providing a safe sp...
Fun ride on the Marin Gestalt today. Bike looks sick in gravel mode.
Do you clean your bike straight after a ride? I did todaybut I definitely dont every time!
Tried to film my bike but the cat got in the way.
@juicelubes always helping me keep my bikes clean
Love this build!
Gestalt awesomeness
Ive been using the @getcadenceapp for the past couple of months and I think its bloody brilliant. Something I found was missing from cycling apps was the ability to pair sensorsbut not with Cadence. Lots of customisation, funky colours to match your bike and all the data you need. When heading ou...
This lovely lady got me a 1940s bike to restoreby the look of it I dont think it had been ridden for 50 years. @seasalt_stace took it on its maiden voyage and proceeded to break it even more.
Feel very lucky to have been sent this @wheeltopglobal EDS TX to build up a new road bike!