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I love coconuts
If you got it baby give it to me
Out now on YouTube! Link in bio! What does @rzma05 answer for lightning round?! It's one of the most interesting episodes yet! Join me and @iamxjamesross as we get to know Ricky just a little bit better! Thanks @casamax_x_x for hosting us at your creator house! What question was your favorite? W...
Sometimes you have everything, but you still feel lonely
Out NOWEARLY only on OF! Link in bio! Full episode with the reveal and WHAT'S @rzma05 hiding down there?! We are just surprised as you will be! Me and @iamxjamesross discover something new today! Thanks @casamax_x_x for hosting us at your house! Be sure to comment who you want to see next! YouTub...
Found the most magical place on the island! Where am i?
Exploring the coral reef in the Philippines today!
Now or Later? Public or Private??? @kamstonex reveals the answer to your favorite questions! Watch the full reveal in this exciting episode of Cut or Uncut with me and @iamxjamesross and one of the newest and hottest creators in town! Link in bio!
I'm on a remote island and I'm using Starlink internet for the first time! It's fast!
We went into a bat cave!!! Omg this was the coolest experience ever and something I've wanted to do my entire life! if you listen closely you can hear the thousands and thousands of bats using their eco location to fly in the pitch black! Thanks for finding it @iamxjamesross
No. Fucking. Wayyyyyy I can't believe I just walked past this on the wall in the Philippines!!!iiyykkykkkkkk