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Covering the world with a West Coast perspective.
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At WIFs 50th anniversary gala in Hollywood on Thursday, stars from across the entertainment industry stunned on the red carpet as they celebrated fifty years of fighting for gender equity.And The Times @dania_maxwell and @ducassi were there to capture it all.Check out more photos from the @wome...
I photographed this story about a pilot program that is recruiting doctors from Mexico to address gaping holes in farmworker healthcare. Reporter Melissa Gomez and I traveled to Salinas, CA to see the Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas in action. Over several days, we saw how life changing the...
Jon Batiste for the LATimes its a dream to photograph people who are out there creating and inspiring
I absolutely love photographing people who are open to the process and excited about getting creative. Thanks to podcast host Jack Wagner for being this person with me! His podcast, Otherworld spotlights firsthand stories of something paranormal or unexplainable. There are encounters with demons,...
John Stamos made me feel right at home photographing him, not even one inch to be starstruck.
Sharon, 20, fled her native country, Honduras following death threats seven years ago. In the US, she's worked below minimum wage jobs, became a mom, lost a dad and two years ago her situation improved after she got paperwork to work legally. She said she really wanted people to see her as an ind...
The Changeling directors Slick Naim & Michael Francis Williams for @latimes
In the name of these photos I ate the sandwich. For a story with @latimes about the best Italian Subs in the city. For two days all I saw were subs. This one is from @bodegapark Ty @taya_arthur for making this gif for me and showing me the ways
From last weekends Mexican Independence Day Parade. Its times like these where I really most truly love LA
Its really hard to believe that somebody that you almost think could do no wrong, did so much wrong, said Crystal Williams, one of the three former backup dancers who are suing Lizzo. For @latimes
I've always liked music by Hozier and now that I met him, I like it even more. The people behind the creative work we admire, matters. Basically @hozier on repeat in my house.
In the name of wonder, it was all wonderful.