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Life in the influencer lane isnt always suits and cityscapes. Today, Im opening up about the less seen aspect of this journeya brand Ive collaborated with over the years has decided to end our partnership. It was a jolt out of the blue, leaving me momentarily lost, questioning my place in the fas...
AD: New year, new frontier! Im swapping my usual suit for a bold cowboy transformation with @amazonfashion. From denim on denim to bootcut jeans, its all about exploring new styles and walking tall in the city.No more all talk Im all in on the Western vibe this year. Every year I always joke a...
From the heart of the Bronx to the Lone Star State, my journey with @CricketWireless has been nothing short of a vibrant adventure! If you have been following my stories, you may have noticed Ive been working with @cricketwireless! I recently worked with them to shoot an ad!As I swapped the conc...
Ever noticed that mysterious X thread on the back of your new jacket? Its there for a reason! Many blazers, coats, and even some skirts come with their vents stitched shut to keep them pristine during shipping. And those pockets? Theyre sewn closed too, all to prevent creasing. Before you step ...
Meeting The Bachelor Himself at Season 28 Launch Event! Suiting up for a day with Bachelor Nation! Had the honor of celebrating Season 28s launch and meeting the charming @joeygraziadei . Rocked my two-piece and turtleneck, with a dash of rose-red in my pocket. Surprised and thrilled by the i...
#BrandPartner - Amidst the Bronxs never-ending symphony, my Technics AZ80 wireless earbuds are my daily dose of peace. If you are not familiar with @technics.global, they have been in the audio space since 1965! Technics has always been at the forefront of audio innovation, from revolutionizing t...
Im at the magnificent David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center for Black Panther in Concert! Picture this: Black Panther, that phenomenal movie we all adore, on screen, with the legendary New York Philharmonic performing the Oscar-winning score LIVE. Talk about a mind-blowing combo of film and live m...
Leaning into the weekend like a scene straight out of a classic film, where the city's heartbeat syncs with the rhythm of style. Decked out in a plaid suit that's as bold as the cityscape, with shades of purple and pink that pop against the urban canvas. A navy tie to tie it all together, and a p...
Bronx fam, its time to light up your nights one last time with #NYBGGlow at @nybg! The final glow-up is on Jan 13 from 510 p.m., and you know we cant miss out on:1 A dazzling sea of lights that even the stars would envy.2 The chance to rep our borough and support local magic.3 A vibe so lit, itl...
Best Pizza? - Yankees Pizza on 1599 Westchester Ave - where the big, greasy slices are a Bronx legend! Childhood memories flood back with every delicious bite, and those quarters spent on Marvel vs Capcom 2 are still echoing in the back. If youve been here, you know the deal - its as awesome as ...
HOW TO TIE A BOW TIE - Master the classic art of the bow tie with my latest tutorial! Dont worry if youre still rocking a pre-tied version; we all start somewhere. But trust me, learning the real deal is worth the effort. Save this video for your own special occasion, or share it with a friend i...
Hey everyone! As we celebrate this festive season, I want to extend my warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to each of you. Today isn't just any day; it's a day of gratitude and celebration. This year has been nothing short of incredible, and it's all thanks to your love and support. We've reache...