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Sometimes you just need to surround yourself with things you love. In nifflers case, thats gold. Lol What would you surround yourself in to be happy? Im going with my cats. #hptattoo #harrypottertattoo #fantasticbeasts #niffler #cyncityink
Remember the other day when I said I wanted to tattoo things that were slightly out of the box? THIS IS IT! I absolutely LOVED the little critter books when I was a kid! Do you remember these? What literary masterpieces would you get tattooed on you?? MESSAGE ME YOUR IDEAS!Thank you so much @tage...
@darkw3ll had to drive longer to me then it took me to tattoo this piece and I am so grateful! It always surprises me when people drive so far! Also, I have to say, I had to ask him about three times if he was sleeping because he sat so well!! lolAnyway heres everyones favorite sad boy to start t...
Please please please I would love to do more less popular cartoon tattoos.Don Bluth, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, even illustrated childrens books. Bonus points if you know what movie this is from without hashtags! #cartoontattoo #cyncityink #darkmarktattoo #thelastunicorn
Mothman. But make it CUTE Thank you @gingerorama #cutetattoo #kawaii #cyncityink #tattoo #nhtattooer #nhtattooartist
When your brother asks you for a Pokmon you give him a pokemon!Fun fact: this was done nine years ago today.#pokemon #pokemontattoo #haunter #cyncityink #videogametattoo @vgt_con @videogametatts
I dont often do black and grey, but when I do its because its one of the most epic scenes from the Harry Potter movies. The tale of the three brothers will forever and always be a tale that I take to heart. Thank you @sseymour33 for letting me do one of my favorite HP tattoos ever for you! #harry...
Please excuse how pissed off calcifer is. Hes burning bacon right now, okay? Started this HUGE studio ghibli leg sleeve for @kevin_hadsel who sat like an absolute champion. I so so so cant wait to add on to more of this! Which studio ghibli characters would you add?? #studioghibli #anime #animeta...
I couldnt sum up 2023 if I tried. I got to make some awesome new pieces of art, I got to experience crazy new things, and I got to love with my whole heart. Thank you to everyone who was part of the journey!Im so *ready* for 2024!
This was one of my most favorite tattoos that I got to do this year. I LOVE doing coverups, I love when my clients listen to what will work with their coverups and I cant stress enough how important it is to trust me. Brenna did just that and I am so so proud of this piece. Thank you to everyone ...
I had some best friends come in and pick the GWYG tattoos FOR EACH OTHER! Would you trust someone else to choose the random tattoo that youre getting? They sure did- and it was so fun! What do you think? #disney #disneytattoo #gwyg #getwhatyouget #gwygtattoo
@bwhits131 had four whole days off and so heres what we did! He probably regrets getting his hand tattooed now that hes back at work but at least it looks really cool! #naruto #narutotattoo #sasuke #animetattooheaven #animeink #animetattoo #cyncityink #animetattoos