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Something about doing this watercolor/sketch style is just so much fun! Ill be posting predrawns in the style for when my books open again in July! What would you all like to see?!#disney #disneytatts #disneytattoo #ariel #littlemermaid #cyncityink
What a trip @vgt_con was. Literally, lol. I drove down to PA to visit my amazing friend @deadmeat and guest at his shop with his friends and the lovely @littlemunster and they showed me a great time there.Then from there I drove to Knoxville for the actual convention where I was greeted by them A...
Made this adorable mix-of -styles Mega Sableye on day two of @vgt_con and Im excited to see what day three has in store for us. #pokemon #pokemontattoo #vgtcon #videogametatts #cyncityink @videogametatts
The little sparkly baby! Thank you so much for getting eevee! @hbundavis came in and snagged this from my Pokmon predrawn flash, which I will have more of at the convention this weekend!! Hyped to be attending @vgt_con for the first time since we had to miss it last year due to my surgery. I have...
Please excuse how pissed off gengar is, hes an angry boi!@batrican asked me for this evolution line and obviously I was so excited about it! Which evolution line would you get? Im leaning towards Shinx, Luxio, Luxray! #pokemon #gengar #pokemontattoo #videogametattoo #videogametatts #cyncityink
I have been saving this one to post for so many reasons! If you are a true Disney nerd, you will see this and instantly know what it is. Atlantis is one of the most underrated movies and honestly should have been the first one that was ever made into a live action. My client Nick and I clicked fr...
We added two sweet little babies to @kriscanpoke Disney character arm when I saw them last and I forgot to post them This is a perfect example of a tattoo that you could get by entering my tattoo contest in my previous post! If you havent entered yet, you should definitely check it out! #disney ...
Okay so Im going to start by saying DONT GET SCAMMED! This is to WIN a tattoo, so if anyone asks you for money DO NOT send it to them! Theres no money involved. If you get contacted by a fake page just let me know and report it. Now the good stuff:Who wants to win a tattoo for zero dollars?? Must...
Would you do a Disney themed GWYG? Books open July 1- Ill have a bunch of new Disney designs in my machine. Thanks @radssoccerdad #archimedes #swordinthestone #disney #disneytattoo #gwyg #getwhatyougettattoo #gwygtattoo #cyncityink
Okay but poor little Smoliv is *terrified* Huge thanks to @ciara.mist95 for sitting so good, and knocking TWO Pokmon off my bucket list! I STILL HAVE SO MANY MORE TO GOIf youll help me tattoo em all, comment below with the Pokmon youd like to get knocked off my list! (Remember gens 1&2 are all do...
Its been just over three years since @deejaycustoms came to the shop and asked me to be his mentor, and now hes a licensed tattooer, working almost everyday to better himself and continue to learn his craft. There are not enough words to say how much I love this kid. Hes honestly one of my best f...
When I tell you that I know this hurt- Im not kidding. @radssoccerdad added this piece to the inside of his thigh and Im sure he wants to punch me lolI didnt do the surrounding pieces but when he forgets how much it hurts I am going to connect them all! Sorry for hurting all you guys, but remembe...