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Which pic is your favorite? I had a hard time choosing 1 feels most accurate, I like that 2 shows my makeup, but I like the energy of 3 #jujutsukaisen #gojosatoru
Hey Siri, play Daddys Home by Usher yes I know season 2 occurs in Shibuya, no Im not there yet dont spoil it for meeeeeeee.I dont know what my aim was for this one, I didnt want to look too masculine or too feminine lol but Im really happy with the outcome Can I steal your girl or your man? I ca...
Im late on it. Do you think its overhyped or nah?
*sigh* Reels doesnt do landscape photos justice and compresses the quality so much. @worldofgwendana did magic again though. Fun fact, I know Riju is a tiny little thing but Im definitely pushing 6 ft without the headdress in this Cosplay made by me#totk #tearsofthekingdom #riju #urbosa #cosplay ...
So now that you know mine , whos your main? This blue version of the @firaxwear Princess cropped jacket is available now ^_^I always thought it was cool that she counted as a heavy character because shes like 8ft tall. We stan a giant queen #rosalinacosplay #rosalina #supermario #mariolore #mari...
Well..did you know? Which ones did you miss?If its not clear.I really like catwoman I have actually posted all of them but I think the purple is my most popular. Personal favorite (probably because of the recency bias) is the Christmas one lol Purple catwoman- made by me, by @worldofgwendana, c...
Ok so yall need to try out this filter and tell me if Im the only one to get this kind of result Did yall see Aquaman on Christmas? What did you guys think? #photoleappartner #wbpartner #aquaman #photoleap #videoleap #lightricks #filmtopia #aquaman and the lost kingdom
Fun fact: I actually made this costume for Halloween and shot this last year lol. This was one of those times where I was not necessarily unhappy with how the cosplay build turned out, but wasnt really confident in how I looked. The shoot location not really being what I wanted didnt help either ...
This may be the greatest video Ive ever been a part of Thank you @cassandracosplays and @xkirakelly for indulging me @cassandracosplays is Poinsettia Ivy @xkirakelly is Holly Quinn @cutiepiesensei is Santa Claws Catwoman cowl made by @jcurtis_atelier Costumes are all self made!#harrypotter #poi...
Merry Christmas Costume made by meCowl by @jcurtis_atelier #catwoman #santaclaus
I went to Holiday Matsuri for ONE day just to say I experienced it before they switched venues but I got to be part of a Gotham city Sirens group with @cassandracosplays and @xkirakelly so it was so worth it! Cant wait to post those pics soon and we got some hilarious video too Costume made by m...
Which was your favorite powerpuff girl? Mine was Blossom I loved Bubbles but I felt like Blossom was most like me personality wise #ppg #powerpuffgirls #cosplay