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Recharge.I have been very busy with courses and classes. I spent a ton of time teaching cave, cavern, shark, online mentorship, and interviews. I have gone through one significant heartache, but what has disturbed me the most has been the wave of negative interactions with strangers on different ...
A man died in a cave two days ago; a man we knew, a friend, an industry leader, a family man with a wonderful wife, two children and a long life ahead of him.He was an accomplished and trained cave diver, an experienced rebreather diver, an instructor with thousands of hours under his belt. He gr...
Not only sharks: As a tech diving instructor, I specialize in cave diving and sidemount gear configuration in both open circuit and rebreather, and I spend a lot of my free time completing cave exploration.Unfortunately, in our society, we are pigeonholed into one role, title, action, and somethi...
One small action is better than no big action CZSometimes we are stopped in our tracks when thinking about making a difference because we feel it might now be enough, it will not make an impact or affect a difference. When we believe in something we should go for it regardless of the immediate si...
What does it mean being part of the Women Divers Hall of Fame? @wdhof I have been inducted in 2011 in recognition of my work in exploration, education and conservation with sharks and in caves and since then I have heard a few interesting comments and points of views.Many think that all we do is ...
How to prepare for a shark diving trip?Below are some of the rules I follow; they work for all diving trips:1. Refresh diving skills if it has been a while since the last dive 2. Check the gear service it if needed3No New, New, New. Do not use a new piece of essential gear in a new environment, e...
Dont depend on others to illuminate your days. Become your own shine - Jay LongI saw this quote this morning and I took it as a personal reminder that we are indeed the maker of our own story. Depending on others to validate us, for our looks, accomplishiments, career, decisions is never going to...
Nurse sharks are docile NO! Please read below to understand better sharks and their natural behavior.It is common to hear sharks labeled as more aggressive or docile, especially nurse sharks. The definition of docile is ready to accept control or instruction; submissive.Neither of those descripti...
The shark approached slowly, gently gliding over my back, slightly hidden by the morning light shining through the water. Her belly was skillfully blended by millions of years of evolution as I looked up.I took a quick image and lowered the camera; I have been here before and seen them many times...
Its International Womens Day!I thought long and hard about this post. I have had some amazing inspirational women guide some of my choices through the years in my career, many of which I have been able to share time, dinners and conversations with. I wish I could list them all and yet I am afraid...
Although sharks are ancient evolved creatures, older than trees and even older than the rings of Saturn, they are ultimately animals on this planet. Like all animals, they feel energy; they act and react to it.One of the ways we love to encounter these fantastic creatures is by swimming around th...
Understanding comes from direct experience with reality.Nothing is more valuable than to enter the reality of sharing the water with sharks to understand them better.During our liveaboard trip we cruise around The Bahamas (our home) to encounter up to eight species of sharks and some of their clo...