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Ben and Lois Orford produce handmade woodcraft tools bushcraft tools and leather work here at The Craft Lab craftlabknives
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Lovely bit of Vinland Damasteel Damascus from @damasteelab on this special Nomad for @robevanswoodsman This one will be the third to match the rest of his Damasteel set certainly makes a wonderful knife for a great look and great performance. Hope you enjoy it Rob #special #nomad #woodennomad ...
Two Nomads heading out the door, similar materials but different grinds on this pair. Not sure which would be my favourite to carry at the moment but getting the right grind for the right tasks is an important choice. #nomad #woodennomad #frictionfolder #edc #uklegal #folding #foldingbushcraftto...
Well we managed to actually harvest the Cattail heads this year before they exploded and took over the pond. Lovely to have your own supply of tinder at the bottom of the field. #cattail #seeds #harvest #homegrown #wildpond #naturereserve
Well thats a pretty cool set of woodcraft tools, they are some of my favourite models and materials. A Nomad, Thorn and ATOM axe all ready to go to work #nomad #frictionfolder #atom #thorn #woodcraft #bushcraft #outdoors
Few Damasteel blades getting cut from some Vinland Pattern Damasteel from @damasteelab all cut, ground and ready to harden. Love using this new bandsaw which has been truely awesome great service from Selmach Machinery #damasteel #handcrafted #damascus #bandsaw #newtoy #heattreatment
Fresh delivery of Buffy hats are live on the site and a few available bushcraft tools including this stunning Dessert ironwood Trapper. For those that have been waiting for a perfect Buffy hat or Bushcraft companion for the next trip to the woods check out the store. Link in the bio #buffy #buff...
Trio of Mocotaugans heading to three corners of the world. The USA , the Netherlands and Norway theres going to be plenty of woodcraft projects happening soon when they land thanks for the support everyone its truly appreciated. #mocotaugan #crookedblade #woodcraft #multitool #canoe #frontier
With Antler getting hard to get in good size and quality the synthetic alternatives are pretty awesome. Nothing quite like the look of Ivory G10 for a clean looking easy to look after knife. This one headed across the Atlantic to its new home and hopefully a few adventures #ivoryg10 #clean #wood...
What a morning, icey cold but so great to be out on the hills again. Pushed my comfort zone and went up and over the ridges rather than running along the contours. I was always the kid that forgot his kit for PE but the last few years I have been really enjoying getting out for a run and amazing...
Super cool trio of bushcraft tools all in some lovely Multicam micarta with Hunter Orange liners. These make a perfect weather proof work force. The 4 Trapper, Pixie and Nomad all have some great AEBL stainless blade steel too. The Nomad sports a Kydex sheath to allow it to be carried with the bl...
Finally we have our Mocotaugans back instock. I have been making these for over 20 years now and have always had a special connection to this tool. It truly is a versatile bit of kit to have in your carving kit, a gouge, a drawknife and spokeshave all in one. I love all the compound angles that ...
An army of ATOM axes with all different coloured stitching on the sheaths. These may be small but they are super versatile around the home, workshop or camp for that little tasks that you need a super sharp utility tool. #atomaxe #smallbutmighty #chopchop #axe #utility #mutlitool