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Ask me 10 years ago, if I thought I would have a family of 3 little princess, be building a home from the dirt up, & still have my sanity. I wouldve thought you were crazy. But here we are, the house is almost done Feeling very blessed and so thankful to the man above
Its crazy when you start to really look back at time & really think about were does time go?!?! Today, Ryder had her first competitive cheer meet today I remember when she had her first ballet recital Ill say this all three of my girls have added so much depth and value to my life, Im forever ...
Ryder Snapped I was never this cool as a kid, I remember I had Power Ranger light up shoes, Barney shoes, and my mom had me rocking a rat tail but some of that was hot in the 90s lets be real Im just so proud to see Ryder grow up and become the best big sister!! Watching her grow throughout th...
Maya didnt get the memo- tongues out
Halloween 2023 1 Jack and his 3 Sallys (Ry was with her friends) Please look at Mila before we went Trick or Treating compared to that last slide after we came back that lil girl was stressed to get all the candy
Just a friendly reminder, everybody have fun at your halloween parties BUTTTTTT This was before the kids and after kids This is reality, so be prepared
Disneyland never disappoints I think we are becoming a Disney family, The videos of the girls on the rides by far my favorite What its all about
Got to bring dad to his first game at SOFI, Most of my family has been die hard Steelers fans and of course Im the odd one out. Ever since I moved to LA RAMS ALL DAY Thank you @sofi for once again having a unforgettable experience
Final episode TONIGHT !!!Its been a wild season, anyone made it this far in the game & to compete in a final, completed a final. I have all the respect for you It takes everything you have to get through it & even completing it youll be proud of yourself. Lets be real, Theres one thing I havent...
Park days are the best days Unless your maya on that last slide
I could shed a tear right now not gonna lie. Yes people starting 2024, Well be in a new home .Not just any new home, but one that we are building from the ground up. Its been A-LOT of sacrifice and hard work to get to this point, but Im happy to give my daughters and my boo a fresh start and a ...
Teen mom season finale was last night,& I just wanna say thank you for all the messages Ive been receiving, & just another reminder that you gotta have that strong foundation in order to build that community around your children. A lot of the times you have to put your pride aside and do whats be...