Painstakingly restoring Land Rovers with an obsession for detail and a commitment to the essentials
Handmade in Lisbon
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Wabi-Sabi New YouTube video - Link in Bio
Adventure is not just a physical journey, but also a mental one, where the adventurer discovers new perspectives and learns about themselves just as much as the world around them.
In the heart of Morocco, the majestic Atlas Mountains stand as a testament to natures grandeur, inviting those who seek the simple joys of the great outdoors. Here, life moves at a different pace, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the small wonders often overlooked. Embarking on a journey thr...
Craftsmanship Continuum
Can you guess the color of this puppy underneath the wrapping?
Every restoration journey brings its own magic. A Land Rover Defender chassis, meticulously assembled with every mechanical part in place, shining in spotless perfection. This isnt just a restoration; its a rebirth. Here, we see the fusion of history and future, where old stories meet new adventu...
Arrbida explorationw/ @salome.mory shot by the talented thank you
Quietly honoring tradition
Stop waiting for Friday
@the_amaranto_series Series 3, finished in Amaranto. One of the most beautiful Series weve ever done.
Whats the most daring color youd choose for a Series?
This one has been a true companion over the years. We bought it from the grandson of the original owner.Now, were at a crossroads. The spirit of adventure, restoration, and preservation has taken hold, and we find ourselves asking, Whats the next chapter for this classic beauty?Should we keep it ...