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Documenting adventures that happen in my mind
Living in Israel exhibiting worldwide
for commissions email to jfilipenkoyahoocom
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Twin flames and wolf souls Acrylic on birch 12x8.5A piece that was meant as a proposal gift. I was asked to create this private commission as a celebration of these ladies magic love story So honored, thank you for the trust #privatecomission #artpainting #modernpainting #figurepainting #paintin...
I missed you all so happy to be back!Going to be sharing some magic Ive been up to, starting with this Vampirella and Dracula love story Acrylic on birch 14x10#vampirella #draculla #privatecomission#artpainting #modernpainting #figurepainting #painting #art #artist #artwork #drawing #contemporar...
Go where you breathe free Acrylic on wood 12x8.5 #privatecommission(Body harness inspo from @lovechildboudoir )If youre interested in ordering your own custom painting, email me at j.filipenko@yahoo.com #artcollector #surrealart #lowbrow #surrealism #gothart #darkart #girlpainting #acrylicpainti...
How it starts vs how it ends People usual only see the end result, not the 30-40 hour journey it takes to create this little painting. The most important thing is to enjoy the process!12.x8.5 acrylic on wood #privatecommission #artcollector #surrealart #lowbrow #surrealism #gothart #darkart #gir...
Its no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. -L.C. 12x8.5 acrylic on wood #privatecommission
Feeling honored and excited to be featured on the cover of the current issue of @beautifulbizarremagazine with an in depth interview about my work. You can order your copy by following the link on their profile Big thank you to the whole BBM team and to and to @mother.of.cups for writing up the i...
In The Name Of The Moon acrylic on wood 17x8.5 (sold)#privatecommission #sailormoon For private commission inquiries please email to j.filipenko@yahoo.com
Private commission Part of a portrait series of 4 sistersAcrylic on wood 12x8.5
Work in progress acrylic on wood#sailormoon #usagitsukino
We were together. I forget the rest -Walt Whitman Private commission acrylic on wood swipe to see the process
This is something Im very excited to share with you guys! Yours truly is on the cover of the upcoming issue of @beautifulbizarremagazine My #1 favorite art magazine With an in-depth interview about my work and inspirations behind becoming an artist.To order your copy, follow the link on their page
Creating Yourself In Every Moment Noticed theres only 7 last prints left before this print edition is Sold Out!So if you had your eye on one, now is the time to snag it link to shop on my profile (Original painting sold)