Colin Arturo

Riding in circles, con gusto. Fueled by: @redbull | Vibe by: @themeteorcafe | Speed by: @alliedcycleworks | Wearing fine textiles by: @rapha
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Today we said goodbye to our loving, free-spirited papa. He is sailing on to the next plane
Out here working on some AI - resistant, fully mechanical vehicles
A bike one buys when one grows tired of buying bikes.
Even in the darkest times, the human spirit shines through. Thank you for the thoughtful gift, and thank you cycling for the memories. I hope you are all ok, and I hope to see you again one day.
My life has been a very strange trip. After it all, this is all that really matters to me anymore.
My deepest gratitude you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out to me i the past few months. I cannot put into words the pain and helplessness I have felt, but your words and affirmations that I did do something right in my life , have given me the strength to keep living. Makes me feel ...
This image is a good representation of what current recovery looks like. In case anyone has wondered, hey, where the d hell is Colin Strickland, and why did he miss BWR San Diego? , well i will tell you.A few days after Sea Otter, i was knocked out with a tenacious illness, that i assumed was a v...
Here are some flattering images awesome photo graphix man @roszko grabbed of me blissfully suffering thru the Sea Otter 80K XC race a few weeks ago. Shortly thereafter i came down with Bronchitis , which Ive been fighting for 2 weeks now. Good luck and good health are essential for success at bik...
Gravel Racing in America, circa 2019. Thank you Rapha for grabbing this thought and putting it in print.
Snaps from a cold day out at @wheelhousemobile to accompany a recent @redbullusa feature. Some can live without an array of creative outlets , but i cannot. I am fortunate to work with companies in the sport of cycling that recognize and value me the way I am, beyond just results, legs and lungs....