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Hello! After nearly a decade online, Ive decided its time to bid social media farewell. Its truly been a rollercoaster experience, one that feels like its reached its natural conclusion. @themotherofalllists will remain and continue to grow as a resource for honest conversations and useful conte...
[AD]HOME HEALTH REPORT. Having an OVO Energy Expert assess our home taught us that we have significantly improved how energy efficient it is, compared to when we bought it (woop!) Part of the house dates back to 1823, so ch to have seen such a positive shift even with a very old building. Luke th...
MY RIDE OR DIE MAKEUP PRODUCTS: @drunkelephant D-Bronzi Sunshine Drops @maybelline Sky High Lashes @erborian_uk Dull Corrector @bobbibrownuk Cream Eyeshadow Stick in Nude @weledauk Skin Food (technically no make-up butwhacking it on my face, particularly in winter makes everything better).I also ...
GAME FACE. Competed at the in-house comp on Saturday. Though I train consistently, I havent had the time to give powerlifting much headspace lately. So I went in to the comp focused on trying to enjoy the experience (ie getting to lift with friends rather than on my own for once). C...
[AD] WHATS YOUR DISHWASHER STYLE? Team meticulously tidy or team whack it in? Whichever your approach putting it on outside of 4pm-7pm on weekdays is a great way to rely less on Fossil Fuels.And, as an OVO customer you can sign up to be rewarded for reducing your usage during peak time and earn 1...
SAY WHAT?! What do you mean endlessly turning something over in my head wont make a blind bit of difference?! These words from Alan Watts are certainly ones to remember when in the depths of self-inflicted despair.
SOME SEPTEMBER. Featuring. Still swimming @lucie.flynn framed best book Ive read for yearsutility room inspo reflecting that I am glad to have missed the whole vaping thing.I @motherrootldn* yay new @themotherofalllists disturbingly big carrotwhen did greetings card get so pricey? These were r...
PARENTS OF PRETEENS. Where do you land on this? When did yours first walk to school alone? When did you first leave them at home alone? When did they get a mobile phone? Are you conscious of trying to preserve their youth?
Hello! I dont know whether these intro things are cringe. But I like reading other peoples ones when they do them, so here goes:Im clemmie I am the eldest of 5. Can you tell? Im an advertising creative director.Ive been sober 4.5 years.We left london a year ago and are are renovating @thetookfore...
PRAISE BE FOR SNACKY TEA. I sometimes wonder why I even bother serving any other kind of meal. NB realistically the celery wont get eaten, but its on the way out so might as well chuck it in. PS we called this nibblies growing up, now we call it snacky tea, what about you?
IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. Anyone else obessed with their house plants? Apparently the term is anthopile. Whatever it is a love pottering about with them: propagating, repotting, looking out for new shoots. Such happiness. In fact its one of the first thing I do every day with cuppa: check in with my ...
SMALLEST ROOM but one that brings me a lot of joy. Especially since I remember the hours spent searching for the right sink: it needed to to be small but I also didnt want it to get lost against the marble. Sounds like a classic self-inflicted renovation riddle to me!Eventually found this @lussos...