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Professional Sh*t shoveler . Well Im back and so are . Very happy to be back home in Texas for sports news and more you know where
Waiting on the NFL draft like lets see if the G-men mess it up this year
Big game who do you got ? Love Ava Fiore
TWO THINGS WE DONT CHASE COWBOYS AND TEQUILA love Ava Fiore (meanwhile I have only drank alcohol once in my entire life
To the victor go the spoils heres one for all my raiders fans love Ava Fiore
AD Hi loves ! Here is a quick little update for ya! So happy football is back lets go Gmen alright dont forget to check out myb00kie.AG and use promo code AVA and get double your deposit love Ava Fiore
Just excited NFL is back oh and friendly reminder to eat your greens love Ava Fiore
Hi loves:) just dropping a little sports update! love, Ava Fiore
Oh hey there ! Im still here thanks for supporting love Ava Fiore
Hi loves! Quick little sports update ! Thanks again for always supporting for daily sports news AND MORE...you know where to go love Ava Fiore
Hey loves! Just a little reminder that Im still here and I have been doing this now since 2012 when videos where 15 seconds longThanks to all of you who have been loyal supporters for so longmuch love!love Ava Fiore
Hi loves :) Cant wait for some games today! More importantly, my chicken that I get to eat Thanks for all the support! Love Ava Fiore