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When it comes to sciencebacked innovative haircare Color Wow reigns Harpers Bazaar Cruelty free
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Travel innovation and honor above all else At PF Changs were changing how the culinary spirit of Asia is brought to the world
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Read that again..
Pretty cool when your 16 year old is excited to look like you She said she loved my look and wanted to recreate. You think she did it?
Still so amazed at the work, God has done in the LGBT community! Lives being changed, and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Truly is a remarkable thing to witness. No one is going from gay to straight. They are going from lost to found All Glory to God! #lgtbq #lgtb #jesus #glory #glor...
May this be a declaration over your life today! The Lord is very clear in his word. Dont mess with HIS chosen. It will always end up bad.
God is doing something amazing in humanity. How beautiful is it to see @thekatvond and @realjackhibbs in the same picture. Christianity has many faces. We must be very careful with having a critical spirit. We may just very well miss a beautiful testimony of what the Lord is doing
Amazed at the faith my boy. In the middle of the restaurant he was ready and willing to pray for these leaders. #nextgeneration #trainupachild #jesus #christian
Words cant describe what happened this weekend. I am incredibly thankful to my family and my new @rainbow.revival family. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement all these years. The Lord is so good.
My son prayed for months for this very moment. Thank you Lord!! You are so good
Promise fulfilled
Follow @rainbow.revival on Facebook to watch this event live! So many amazing stories will be shared and live transformed. #jesus #rainbow #lgtbq
Things are getting increasingly interesting and biblical. Every strong bible teacher I know agrees. Pray and make sure youre life reflects that of what the Lord asks of us!