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Travel innovation and honor above all else At PF Changs were changing how the culinary spirit of Asia is brought to the world
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Happy Fathers Day baby @adrian_j_martinez No words can describe how selfishly you have loved all of our kids. I love you .
Isnt that the damn truth! Especially this month. So much ugly on social media
#faith #christian #questionandanswer #annonymous
Those that didnt bow I am proud of you! #covid #pandemic #faucifraud #fauci
What are your opinions ?
NO WAY?!!! (Sense the sarcasm?) I stood up for my rights and the rights of my family and didnt bow to the golden calf! The truly hardcore stood up against corporate America Next time it may not be so easy so I pray your hope is in the Lord and not your comfort or finances because next time it ma...
For those of you asking for you go! Listen for yourself. This man needs to go to prison! #fauci #faucifraud #plandemic #pandemic #pandemia #covidtest #covidvacccine
@conservativeant Thank you for being a voice !! I love your content #patriot #gaysagainstgroomers #standup #protectthekids
Trigger warning DV post Growing up in a household where my mother endured domestic violence has profoundly shaped my journey in ways I continue to unravel. In my youth, feelings of helplessness, fear, and isolation often consumed me. Yet, today, I stand as a survivor, resolute in my commitment t...
I agree with her 1000% !! Its so funny that the same people who have the foulest mouths are the same people appalled at trumps language. However the same can be said about Christians who support Trump. You are up in arms when a fellow believer curses yet here we are . The hypocrisy of social medi...
In life its so easy to get lost and lose focus on whats most important. Taking responsibility and growing is what men do, growth is uncomfortable but complacency kills. Eternally grateful God gave me a wife thats truly my best friend and the love of my life. To all those who stood in the gap (you...