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A company committed to enhancing story telling through camera movementThe art of camera movement
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We are specialists in making modular dolly systems camera stabilizers From Bristol UK
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Leave the World Behind #cinemoves #theartofcameramovement #powerslider #minilibra #monsterremotes #processtrailer #teameffort #RIPRocky #verygrip @richardguinnessjr @freelance_nyc @rontechnotatham @rockybabcock @mick_froehlich @dutchny11
The Matrix meets the Military #cinemoves #theartofcameramovement #matrix #cinemovesarmcar #matrix4axisgimbal #filmequipment #directorofphotography #remotehead #cinematographer #stabilizedhead #innovation
Cinemoves Matrix on the Scorpio 45and Cinemoves Arm Car playing with the IPHONE. Not often we get out from behind the camera and get to play in front. What a blast .#cinemoves #theartofcameramovement #matrix #cinemovesarmcar #matrix4axisgimbal #filmequipment #directorofphotography #servicevision ...
This may or may not be a good idea. But I cant do nothing anymore. If youre up for it, share your story, put a face to the collateral damage thats being caused by the ongoing strike. #stayatthetable2023
Challenge accepted.
Thanks Joe Mullins @cameracarguy399 for setting up a not so mini show and tell. Also thanks to our Cinemoves West Coast family for jumping in and making it a great day! Unfortunately, we had a lot of equipment and techs available..Fortunately we had some awesome players show up! #stayatthetable #...
We are so proud to have been asked to host the Safety For Sarah family field day at the CineMoves Movie Ranch last weekend. What an incredible event! We had over 600 beautiful humans come join in the fun. Both the kids and parents had a blast playing games, eating great food, and catching up with...
We want to wish everyone an awesome Cinegear. We are bummed we wont be displaying this year. Weve been a part of the Cinegear family since they started. Due to the challenges of the strike, we decided to put all our resources into our people/family. Were proud to say weve managed to keep our t...
BTS while doing some test flights Pilot : @mrsteelefpv Cam Op : @skylarhowell Gimbal Tech : @clelandjoshua AC : @alexslupski : @alexslupski
The new Ranger off-road base and Scorpio 45 escort the Matrix 4 Axis Gimbal to the dance with @motionimposs Agito Bigfoot and #matrix4axisgimbal @technocraneguy @mcshinville Cameras and lenses provided by @keowcamera ..#cinemoves #theartofcameramovement #matrix #cinegear2023 #cinematogr #remotehe...
Last day at Cinegear LA! Stop by Booth 98
BTS on Air courtesy @foss19er .We have been working with @robertbrichardson for over 30 years. He is one of the main reasons we got into the art of camera movement. He always challenges us to be better. We know if Bob likes it, it must be good! Love seeing him push our gear to the next level. .#...