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I have been enjoying the journey. The art of fighting is a life long lesson, but I have found so much introspection learning along the way. Heres a few things I have learned 1. I have learned the more I put in the more I get out. 2. Everyone starts at the bottom, its all about your passion and co...
When I first started boxing I wish someone taught me this. I know its intimidating learning something new, and well always be learning as students of the arts but I wanted to hop on and go through a drill that I know can help some of you work your offense on the bag as well as defense. This dril...
Ill cook if you do the dishes 93 percent lean Turkey bolognese! Macro friendly under 15 mins. I love sharing my dinners I make when Im at home, to show you all that you can do it too. These are meals that most eat, but tweaked slightly to fit your macros! Ingredients 93 lean Turkey Pasta of choic...
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Being fit shows your character. Beyond a physical shell, it shows a dedicated person. You can not cheat the time or work to become fit. You also have rent due everyday to be able to stay above a notch. It is no wonder why when you show you are personally able to stay in shape, you demand respect ...
When you count your macros, you can eat flexibly. That means if you cut certain ingredients and ration your macros in the recipe you can eat meals you want, and still look great. These recipes are fast and low in fat. Why is it important to limit fats? 1 gram of fat is 9 calories 1 gram of protei...
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The differences between forms of cardio. There are many training methods for different goals. I like to mix these methods into my training splits as needed. Steady state cardio- typically done with an incline to Increase the heart rate. This form is done at a longer time duration to work. 30 to 4...
If you are not seeing the results you want and working out hard maybe you should count your macros! You can eat what you want with proper portions and preparation. The worst thing you can do is workout for hours and not get results, because you dont see what your meals actually account for macro ...