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Chaos Cartel
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CW 170 Dublin, April 6th
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Ryan Chaos Curtis Collection Is Available Now This special collection was created to help raise funds for Ryans Road To Recovery Please show your support by donating or by purchasing a product from Ryans Collection. Link to the collection and fundraiser attached in our bio #ryansroadtorecovery
Ill get back to youse all tomorrow. But @chaoscurtis that was for you lad. Your flag, your shirt.
Ryan has gained some sensation back, so now he can feel when I touch his hand. He is working hard daily with the amazing physio team and OTs and the main focus for now is to get functional movement into his right hand, so hed hopefully be able to push a call button and in time use a remote or pho...
Children are such a gift She just lights up the hospital room with her visits and her cuddles help adjusting to this whole process and make her daddys day She was 100% not dancing to this song it was a song from Trolls as the entire sound track is still her newest obsession and she knows every s...
Doctor Kassia to the rescue Ryan has been moved out of ICU now to a specialist ward. He still has minimal movement, but is doing well and meeting small milestones daily. His fighting spirit has not wavered and his strong mindset is so inspiring to see. Kassia enjoyed playing with her daddy It is...
Ryan finally got to meet our beautiful baby girl Kassia today she will be three in February, but has a good understanding of why her daddy is in hospital. Her understanding of time frames is difficult as she is constantly asking when he can come home and when can we have our usual disco in the k...
REPOSTED FROM @emzac_ Emma Here - just a quick update from Ryan to say thank you so much for all the kind messages of support , prayers and donations to help toward his treatment My Ryan You are my constant companion and comfort, my best friend A father like no other. Love is patient and kind; l...
Recovery Dayzzzz
Another year grateful for all I have in life. If you are truly grateful for what you have in life you will always be able to get more. Health first, You can have a 1000 problems in life but when you have a health problem you only have 1 so Im thankful me & my family are healthy.Not the best year ...
February 24th main event for the @cageconflict belt Big year in 2024 Chaos Cartel hits Belfast
This day 2 years ago with the Tank Posted @withregram @chaoscurtis Return of the Soviets
Nollaig Shona