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I started the New Year off with the flu and Im still recovering. Sometimes things happen in our lives to slow us down, which forces us to look at something(s) and people in a different light.. I start my 14 day Raw Fruit & Veggie Fast tomorrow for spiritual, physical and emotional reasons which w...
2024 feels like come here woman, Ive been waiting for you #mondaymood #manifestation #patience #divinetiming #dearGod #eatpraylove #bali
Brought in the New Year in the Windy City.. Chicago#chicago #chitown #windycity #skydeck #chicagopizza #newyearsbaby
Although I wasnt fond of cutting my hair, I am trying to embrace this new look. I truly appreciate all of your kind words and the support youve shown me. #hairjourney #hairrepair #recovery #transformation #hairgrowth #bobhaircut
Celebrating another blessed year! Happy 24th birthday sweetpea! May this year be your best year yet! #birthdaygirl #celebration #blessed #grateful #24 #kobeyear
This is your year To do all the things you promised yourself youd do #skydeckchicago #skydeck #chi #chicago #promise
The bob is definitely bobinggggg Happy New Year beautiful people
This prank was one for the books!!!! Z is so nosey, so Miah had to trick him into believing she bought some used, discounted Uggs Merry Christmas beautiful people! #prank #merrychristmas #family
Just another Bali adventureIf you plan on making the trip to Bali, be prepared to go up and down tons of steep stairs. And if youre adventurous, make sure you pack some good sneakers and wear them I forgot mine every time but I didnt let it stop me! This climb was brutal wearing sandals
Monday Mood.
Lawd! My mental & physical state was severely impacted by the trauma I experienced following the damage to my hair. However, its possible that it happened as a means of letting go of some things that had been burdening me. Im starting to like this new style, though. I might wind up cutting it a l...
Make the trip to the eastern part of Bali and book a room at Mathis Lodge Amed if you really want to relax. With the beach serving as the backdrop, it is tucked away in a valley more than 400 meters above sea level and surrounded by lush vegetation. The 3-kilometer off-road buggy trip to the lodg...