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I am not Armenian, but as the husband to a beautiful Armenian wife and father of 2 fun-loving Armenian children, I stand in unity with my extended Armenian family, Armenian friends & fellow Armenian citizens of Los Angeles..This issue needs attention beyond what the news outlets are providing..#r...
ACL Early AgilityThis drill works on athletic rhythm (if that is a thing) as well as multi plane first step change of direction..This is a non-reactive pattern that is safe and effective at initiating the quick change of direction agility appropriate for the early phases of impact exercises.
ACL + Single Leg WorkSL exercises dont always need to have a balance focus..Loading a single leg along with an external support is a great way to even out the strength deficit after surgery..Here are a couple supported SL strength exercises along with a balance and load absorption drill.
Knee RehabQuad strength is one of the most important factors for return to sport success..I usually do reverse walking using a sled. However that solely a concentric movement..Heres a variation using the vertimax that hits both the concentric and eccentric.
ACL Tears + FemalesThe following is a blog excerpt written by @stephallen.dpt ...I want to look more closely at the impact that hormones have on the ligament complex and how this differs in males vs. females. We have done a great job with researching risk factors, and developing solid injury prev...
UCL RehabHeres a workout at 5 months post-op Tommy John (with an internal brace)..I think its very important to progress an athletes workouts to what they should be doing once theyre healthy as they approach discharge..1Trap Bar DL-This is good for every athlete. Squat pattern with a pull stimulu...
Overhead Stability is key for athletic performance & prolonged durability..Once you're able to control multi-plane perturbations in open chain supine, closed chain prone & landmine hybrid positions try some of these overhead variations..1Med Ball Stand-up- I like this especially for throwers bec...
ACL BracingIve seen thousands of ACL Reconstructions over my career and STILL there seems to be no consensus on bracing. I have a few docs that are adamant about it and some that are against it..I asked my good friend @zeeadd from @igniteohyzio to look into the research on this topic. Here is an...
ACL REHABIm all for keeping things simple, but sometimes its fun to change things up, as long as it makes sense with your rehab goals..I normally like using the belt & band for patients experiencing back pain with a loaded squat..In this case we did a little 3 in 1 super set as part of an ACL reh...
ACL REHABHere are a few early phase post-op exercises..These are all pretty much ROM exercises, except for the bridges..By adding Personalized Blood Flow Restriction we are able to increase the benefit by recruiting type 2 muscle fibers..For more BFR info check the archive in my bio..1Heel Slides...
ACL REHABHeres a final winter break rehab workout session..@elanmorty plays for @uwbadgers and is about 6 months post-op..Wisconsin has an amazing sports medicine department and theyve done a great job progressing him beyond my initial post-op visits..So Ive just been trying to keep him ready fo...