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2024 is off to a good start with the elopement of my two favorite people. Witnessing their love story over the last nine years has been one of the highlights of my life. They choose each other daily, they grow together, and their love is a safe place to land. And for me, they are home. Congrats m...
New year, new face! This is the fourth year that Ive done a fraxel laser to start the year off with glowing, flawless skin. Last year I coupled it with an IPL laser and the results were incredible. @aesthetic_injector_jessica explains the difference but let us know if you have any more questions....
The Christmas card is giving more bougie stepmom energy than we intended but tis the season? Merry Christmas Eve
pretty Christmas things
If you need a mantra to get through the holidays, Not my circus, not my monkeys, always works for me!
Miss Lady and the Tramp
sunday roast dinner is stunnin
life lately but mostly Ted
Live, laugh, London
Dress for the job you want, London mom edition.
Tomorrow is Kidd's Kids Day, y'all!! Be sure to tune into the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on October 17th! Call the Southwest Airlines call center between 6am and 11:30am CST and make a donation of $100 or more, and we will send you a KLU hat! Keep lookin' up