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The endangered fin whale is a crucial component of a balanced and healthy ocean ecosystem and has an inherent right to life. Sadly, these creatures are subjected to inhumane slaughter. Hvalur hf, the last remaining commercial whaling company in Iceland, continues to whale despite the evidence of ...
The M/Y John Paul DeJoria is docked in Hull, UK undergoing repairs after two successful camapaigns, and was recently visited by reporter Angus Young of The Hull Story who spoke with Captain Locky MacLean:At sea its still very much like the Wild West despite all the regulations and directives. No-...
Watching the processing of a whale is a hypnotic and surreal experience. Its a stark reminder that this should not be happening. These majestic creatures contribute so much to our world and deserve better. We apologize to the whale. #savethewhale #savetheocean #stopwhaling #stopicelandwhaling #l...
Hunting fin whales is inhumane - that goes without saying. But when the harpoons are killing the next generation as well - that's simply unspeakable.How long would it have taken for this unborn calf to die after its mother was shot? How long before it was starved of oxygen?Long enough to be crimi...
In just 5 hours, Samuels hunger strike concludes, and today, Parliament will discuss the critical bill to end whaling. We dont believe in coincidences; its because of dedicated individuals like Sam, Anahita, Elissa, the activists and journalists gathering evidence at whaling stations, artists usi...
Breaking news from Iceland:MAST has officially confirmed that while the target was 15 whales, only 14 were successfully retrieved. Consequently, if the 15th whale did not succumb to its injuries after submersion, it may faced a prolonged and excruciating death, potentially spanning several days. ...
15 whales shot, 14 landed, 7 shot outside the target area defined by the regulations. Should killing just 50% of animals in line with regulations be acceptable? It wouldn't be for any other animal and the legislation is clear that it's not acceptable for fin whales either. Again Kristjan Lofftson...
Marine ecosystems have become overwhelmed with plastics and other debris. Every day, plastics are ingested by sea creatures. The COASTAL DEBRIS CAMPAIGN is geared towards cleaning our coastal waterways and oceans and is something everyone can be a part of - even if you dont live near the coast! R...
Repost from @last_whaling_station and @hvalavinir (support their documentary via their kickstarter! Link in their profile)MAST (Icelandic food and veterinary authority) has temporarily suspended the hunting of Hvalur boat 8 due to serious violations of animal welfare laws during the hunting of a...
Today, on #InternationalDayofCharity, the CPWF would like to thank our donors - your support is what makes our mission of protecting the oceans possible. The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is focused on protecting and conserving the oceans using a unique strategy of aggressive non-violence and in...
UPDATE FROM ICELANDIceland has officially lifted the whaling ban that was imposed on Hvalur hf, the last commercial whaling company in the country. Kristjan Loftsson, CEO, will not be permitted to use electricity while hunting, and the conditions for fin whaling include increased monitoring and s...
Captain Paul Watson will offer a virtual seminar at @browardcollege through the Environmental Science Department on the importance of marine conservation! Don't miss out! Tune in at 4:15pm ET this Friday, September 1st, through the QR code on the poster or by checking out the link in the bio