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Neptunes Navys ship, the John Paul DeJoria, is prepped and ready in the event Hvalur hf. CEO Kristjan Loftsson uses his recently granted whaling permit to kill 128 fin whales in Iceland.Despite the uncertainty, the M/Y John Paul DeJoria crew is prepared to sail in to harms way to uphold internati...
#BlubberButcher's first target down. Who's next? #stopwhalingnow #SaveTheWhales #stoptheslaughter #stopthegrind #boycottfaroeislands don't #visitfaroeislands #animalactivist
Not trembling yet in front of the #blubberbutcher ? Whaling nations are for big, strong, tough Vikings ?Nothing could scare them...? Yet one word could make them tremble: #Boycott#boycotticeland #boycottfaroeislandsdon't #visitfaroeislands don't #VisitIceland#stopwhalingnow #StopIcelandWhaling #s...
Die harte Arbeit unserer deutschen Volunteers hat sich gelohnt: Die Captain Paul Watson Foundation Germany ist jetzt ein eingetragener, gemeinntziger Verein! Tom Strerath, Leiter von CPWF Germany und derzeit an Bord der M/Y John Paul DeJoria, ist hocherfreut, das offizielle Besttigungsschreiben i...
BREAKING NEWSIcelands Minister of Food, Fisheries, and Agriculture, Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdttir, has issued a whaling permit to Hvalur hf, with a quota of up to 128 whales: 99 in the West of Iceland (the only area within reach of the whaling ships), and 29 in the East.STATEMENT FROM CAPTAIN PAUL W...
As the world awaits updates on whether Iceland will allow whaling to take place this summer, the crew aboard the M/Y John Paul DeJoria have been working tirelessly to ensure the ship is ready to leave at a moments notice.Despite the International Whaling Commissions (IWC) ban on commercial whalin...
A message from Captain Paul Watson today: We dont need a #worldoceansday. Dedicating just one day dedicated to the ocean is not enough. The ocean, covering over 70% of our planet, is the lifeblood of Earth, regulating climate, providing oxygen, and sustaining countless species. However, human act...
Big news! Decision on whaling to be announced on Tuesday. Tag the minister in charge of the decision: @bjarkeyg , so we can send her the full film exclusively. Comment to be one of the first to join the community. So, what is this thing @patreon ? We're breaking free from the constraints of corpo...
In this episode of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation Podcast, were chatting with Captain Locky MacLean who is currently on board our new ship, the Bandero, currently in Hobart, Tasmania!Captain Locky dives into what makes the Bandero the perfect vessel for CPWFs direct-action high-seas missions...
We Need Your Help! Big decisions are about to be made, and your support is crucial! Please tag @bjarkeyg in the comments to invite her to watch 25 Deaths, 25 Reasons, our web series that explores the reasons why whaling in cruel and unsustainable.The future of whaling is on the line, and we've c...
Polite Request to the Government of Iceland from Captain Paul Watson The Captain Paul Watson Foundation is politely requesting that the Icelandic government not issue a permit to Kristjn Loftsson to kill whales this summer for OPERATION ICE STORM If a permit is issued the Captain Watson Foundatio...
What's your bet? Will whaling happen in Iceland this season or not? We're holding off on the final episode of our series 25 death, 25 reasons to see how everything unfolds. The fate of the fin whale this summer is in the food minister @bjarkeyg 's hands. But one thing is certain: no whale will di...