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Last week was a big one for our Nora, crawling for the very first time at 20 months old. We couldnt be happier for our lovely girl . This has been a long journey for her, but she has the sweetest temperament and the loveliest way of dealing with any challenges that come her way - she is always so...
AD Chatty catch up with tea and @mcvitiesofficial biscuits Answering some of your most asked questions including my favourite go-to snack, baby boy names and featuring a special guest appearance from Jamie to talk about his most annoying habits (and mine)! And let me know if you agree with my McV...
Lost files from 2023 ! Top of my list of evening tasks atm is trying to finally sort out some photo albums of the last three years, so far Ive made no actual progress in getting anything printed but I have found so many pictures that I love that never made it on here1. Party ready at @larocarara...
20min Pure Buttery Lemon Gnocchi AD This quick, easy and delicious midweek meal features perfect crispy, fluffy pan-fried gnocchi, but the Pure Buttery Lemon Sauce is the real star of the show! And its perfect timing for us to start including Pure Buttery and Pure Olive because this January, we h...
Little bumpdate 22 weeks and its all about leggings from now on
Our annual trip to Audley End before Christmas (including our annual sprint down from the car park to try and make our train time slot )
Just us for a change (although we seem to have completely forgotten how to take a picture when we dont each have a child to hold but we got there in the end)! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow
Our lovely girls are getting a baby brother ! Delighted to share our little family is growing, baby boy due in Spring 2024, its going to be a busy house!
Happy moments getting home to see little Nora after an afternoon out yesterday, and she had lots to tell me about her fun afternoon with Daddy (shes looking more and more like @jamiejewitt_ every day!)
AD A little Thats Better, Thats Tetley moment for the two of us, taking a moment to reflect and think about what matters to us most We are truly grateful to all our family, friends and neighbours who help us. With Christmas coming up, Ill be focusing on times where we can share a moment with all...
Happy Halloween from our two little witches
AD Did you know that British Sign Language (BSL) is the preferred language of over 87,000 deaf people in the UK?Imagine how challenging it would be to walk in somewhere not knowing if you were going to receive the customer service that would allow you to communicate. We met Tina from BSL interpre...