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You dont need to be an expert to know that feeling broke can be With the cost of living crisis, more and more of us are worrying about money - times are tough, and if youre feeling the pinch, youre not alone.We cant magic up a milli in your bank account (we would if we could), but we can give you...
ad Baby formula, food, travel - everything is overpriced.Were kickstarting the conversation around cash - because 8 in 10 of you are worried about money. But a whopping 75% of you havent spoken to anyone about how youre feeling.In the latest ep of Money Talks, weve got social housing campaigner @...
Making mates, heavy workloads, anxiety, loneliness - theres some super tough stuff to navigate at uni.In fact, 69% of students have struggled with their mental health at some point. Despite this, loads of 'em are feeling like their unis dont do enough to smash the stigma around suicide.We asked s...
As much as we like chocolates and bunches of flowers, Valentines Day is a bit much isnt it. So this year, were sacking off expectations and using it as an opportunity to celebrate the people who really matter, and make today a day to check in on yourself and your mates.Whether they're fans of Tra...
Im never not thinking about my bank balance.The latest instalment of our brand new Money Talks series is here. Helping more of you get comfortable talking about cash - because we know money (and not having enough of it) can have a massive impact on your head. This time round, journalist and podca...
I physically couldnt afford the place that I was in.The first instalment of our Money Talks series is here. Kickstarting the conversation around cash - so we can bin off the awkwardness and get more of you opening up about money.Content creator, podcaster and singer/songwriter @milenasanchezx ope...
After seeing a sharp increase in calls to our helpline around money, we knew we needed to understand the impact of the cost of living crisis on peoples heads.Times are tough right now. 8 in 10 of you are worried about money. But a whopping 75% of you havent spoken to anyone about how youre feelin...
Valentines, galentines, palentines - whether you celebrate or bin the whole thing off, theres no denying that Febs the month that puts a spotlight on our relationships.Swipe for some proper good advice on how to have relationships that (actually) make you feel good. Head to our site to read the f...
I know what it feels like when no ones listening and you feel like youre alone in suffering.DJ, broadcaster and shiny new CALM ambassador @harpzkaurofficial spills the advice shed give her younger self, the song guaranteed to put her in a good mood and the personal reasons that motivated her to b...
Dont hold it inIf youre struggling, you dont need to struggle on your own.CALM ambassador @rickyhitmanhatton knows what its like to hold in your emotions, and feel like you cant ask for help. Now hes sharing his story to show up for anyone who needs help.Whatever youre feeling, you dont need to s...
The time for sending memes is now.Tonight the legend that is @claudiawinkle reveals all. But you dont need her to make a difference - send this to a mate whod appreciate it and let them know youve got their back.And remember, Diane might not be around to help ...but CALM is. If you or anyone you ...
She Stayed. She slayed Andreias mates saw our Stay campaign and turned it into a top notch birthday cake to celebrate their pal giving tomorrow another chance. Andreias video has already racked up over 130,000 views on TikTok. Thats over 130,000 people seeing that things can change if you Stay. L...