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Repost from @newyorkbullycrew As you can see, this poor mama was despicably used as a money-making machine over and over again.All the puppies you see in these pictures are now long gone, having been sold. Now that the owners made some money with them, they dont want the mama anymore.Not only...
What a difference a day makes Yesterday, we shared the story of Drago, who was abandoned at the shelter by his family of six months, after they couldnt keep him in his apartment.Drago is only a year and some months, and we dont know how many homes hes had. We do not that this caused some trust ...
My Guy Repost @picassothewonkyandwacku Throwback Thursday!Newt and his siblings were confiscated from their breeder/ownerNewt had been horribly injured and all the puppies were neglected and underweightThe owner told law enforcement the mother dog bit her puppy, causing the injury. But later he a...
This poor fella is so confused, but not for long #ThanksForTheDogAsshole , We were alerted about Drago, a handsome boy who was abandoned at the shelter by his family.The cause of his surrender was that they couldnt keep him in the apartment. Drago was with them for only six months, and who k...
- This poor baby arrived at the shelter in Miami yesterday after being stabbed.His injuries are severe, and we were a few hours away from his deadline.Although we dont know who the culprit is or what exactly happened, we know that Buster was stabbed and found outside in extreme pain.Buster h...
Lil TB to #BabyBru was he not the cutest pup everrrr #nybcfam #nybcmafia #nybcfam4lifeyo @picassothewonkyandwacku
We were contacted by someone who sadly need to rehome her dogs. The person is in a very difficult situation at the moment, and is experiencing other life issues.When we posted them last week, we received a few questions. Unfortunately, it is unknown if they are good with other dogs and with ...
God i miss her so much @little.darling.ayita_nybc #mylildarlingayita #LoveYouMissYou #tillwemeetagain #nybcfam #nybcmafia #nybcfam4lifeyo
How TF did a kitten get up there, but Bravo to the crowd for saving the cats life.. #goodpeople #nybcfam4lifeyo
Can anyone foster him???Repost from @newyorkbullycrew We have some unfortunate news to share about Don.A few weeks ago, Don was hit by a car and brought to the shelter, unable to walk. Don was in a lot of pain, and was scheduled to be euthanized. We had to act quickly and brought him to our vet...
This came up in my memories @pardonmypitbull @little.darling.ayita_nybc Bubba/Baboo #nybcfam4lifeyo
Who remembers our sweet Tommy?Tommy is thriving in his forever home, and we couldnt be happier for him! You can now follow him and his family at @pittypartyofthree Tommy got a special package today! He is so excited about his @bullycrewcbd treats and even shared them with his brothers! Thank you...