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Makeup @purebeautybymichell hair @blackvelvethair celebrating my pen pals wedding @zahranawabb
The Nussaiba family, a Muslim family, has held the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem since the Islamic conquest of Jerusalem in the 7th century.This arrangement was put in place by the Caliph Umar ibn al Khattab, in order to quell and abate conflict between the multiple Chris...
4 months thank you for coming to my dreams I let myself grieve in a hot-mess way for enough right Aba? This year Im gonna be the best version of myself, because thats what youd want. I make Aush just the way you do and it keeps you closer. My feet look just like yours too. But most of all I mis...
Afghan war rugs, This tradition emerged during the occupation and withdrawal of the Soviet Empire. Themes include rifles, poppies, 9/11, and as of 2015 - drones.Afghan war rugs have always fascinated me. How weve taken an ancient craft and used it as a medium to explain Afghan reality. Bed, Bath...
Had my first panic attack of 2024! swipe for reminders, for you and for me #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #depression #anxiety #panicattacks
I always turn to this. Subhanullah.
Merry Eastern Orthodox Xmas! Here I am in my true form, in the mountains of Hayastan 3rd photo you can faintly see Mt. Ararat where Noahs Arc is said to have landed. Last video is me finding @tumsybumsy s Chanel glasses in the Azat River. Very on brand for bougie girlies who love the motherland....
Happy mass birthday to every single Afghan except my mom because she was actually born on 1/2 LMAO #refugeestories
It was a really hard year. It began with endings; leaving my parents city, leaving relationships, and the beginning of the end for my father. I spent most of the year heavily in denial about the inevitable. I knew he was dying but I couldnt accept it.Ive spent 2023 either in grief or deep introsp...
Christmas 2023 will go down as the most hypocritical Xmas yet . When Christians celebrated our Prophet from the West Bank while being complicit in his descendants eradication.
Jesus was born in the West Bank. The whole world is celebrating one of the most empathetic and just people on earth, who today, would face checkpoints, teargas, interrogation, and genocide. A reminder that Palestinian Christians are the oldest community of Christians on earth - and are being exte...
David versus Goliath