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New Human Design from start to finish, and then sold and now off to its new home. I have many paintings available for purchase on my website, and am always up for commissions, just reach out!And if you want to see some paintings in person, stay tuned for an exhibition announcement coming soon!#ni...
In the office working on a new presentation on layering techniques for tattoos for my workshop with @acostattoo February 1-2. Sifting through all kinds of photo documentation from my time tinkering in the lab of tattooing, and getting excited to talk about this stuff! Layering and finding new for...
Neuma 5 FLEX ReviewThis machine continues the great performance of past Neuma pen style rotaries with a strong as hell motor that has plenty of torque at low voltages and can push larger groupings. The high degree of customization that sets Neumas apart from other pen machines (and makes them mor...
A couple of seats left for this unique private event Im doing with my friend @burningxhope in two weeks.Two full days of: lectures, hands on tattooing technique demonstrations/practice, live tattooing on real skin, portfolio critiques, Q&A and more. Dont miss this oportunity!Feb 1st-2ndAustin, TX...
Aggressive biomech armor with lightning for @zapj11 , thanks dude!My first full sleeve made primarily with @lunapigment #nickbaxtertattoos #biomechtattoo #focusgloves #neumatattoomachines
Before I was a tattooer I was studying classical oil painting in art school, and learning how to use layers and glazing techniques to create visual effects not possible in a single paint application. Eventually this knowledge filtered into my tattooing practice and I incorporated layering techniq...
Come join us for this workshop where @burningxhope and myself are teaming up to share some of our process with multisession pieces, advanced layering techniques, color theory and way more. Two days packed with information, live tattooing and hang outs.We are bringing two clients and well be tatto...
For the first time ever we will be offering 2 days of instruction on the topic of layering tattoo pigments, which is a technique that opens exponential artistic possibilities in the execution of complex multi-session work, and leads to more saturated healed results. Any tattooer dealing with comp...
Temescal CanyonOil on panel9 x 12 inches2023Started on location in a beautiful hiking spot that @shawndbarber introduced me to a few weeks ago when I was in LA, and finished at home. #nickbaxterart #austintexasartist #texaspainter #sharpfocusrealism #realismpainting #losangeleshike #temescalcanyo...
SANTA!!!!!!!!!!! I know him! (If my dog could talkor be a movie charactershed probably be Buddy the elf.)Because everyone could use some cute animal content over the holidays! Hope everyone is okay out there #elf #elfmoviequotes #corgilife #catnip
Anyone else get yelled at by museum guards for leaning too close in to the paintings? Well heres some details for ya.Oil paint is truly the most diverse and sumptuousyes I said itartistic medium. The surface qualities that can be achieved with it, and the ways that it absorbs and reflects light ...
As Above/From Below(Diptych)Oil on panel8 x 10 inches2023That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above. The whole contains all parts, and each part contains the whole. #nickbaxterart #austintexasartist #texaspainter #sharpfocusrealism #realis...