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Steady metres every day .I generally get in something steady every day, erg, row, bike, run or anything Im feeling like doing on that day. Usually in addition to another session of different intensity and/or a weights session. These sessions give me a chance to turn off. My mind wanders less duri...
Was a pleasure holding a Yamsquad Rowing Camp at the Rowing Club of the Woodlands. My goal for this camp was to help show the athletes that you can have fun and train hard. Goal achieved .DM me if youre looking for me to host a camp near you!
Heading off to do the 4702m challenge with @hocr1965 before it closes for another year!
@griffithuniversityrowing Mens Quad at Qld Champs, laying down some serious watt in the rain.
Joining the team @volaremadetofly in Australia. Having some fun with their waterproof bags...Im working with clubs and schools across the UK(and everywhere else). Delivering service with a smile and the best prices. Let me know if I can help you
Wednesday afternoons in Australia
Queensland State Rowing Championships this weekend, 19-21/01/24
@jacksonfree98 teaching me some things before we race at Queensland State Champs next week. Looking forward to seeing the Australian Yamsquad there!
Commit and bang it Good advice from @marcusfree_
Dodging slightly different boats lately
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