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Hey photographers, if youre like me, youve probably got a bunch of camera gear thats going unused on a shelf. @mpbcom will help you sell that used gear and give it a second chance at life with a new artist. Keep the circular economy going and help make photography more sustainable #MyMPB #chang...
Playboy Daydream // Shot on medium format film This piece has turned into one of my most sought after prints. It now lives in my collectors homes in Beverly Hills, Singapore, Berlin, Miami and more. Thank you for supporting my art.
The bond between photographer and camera is a special one. But sometimes we grow and move on. Give your gear a second chance at life by selling it with @mpbcom, the largest global platform to buy, sell, and trade used camera gear
Centerfold // This was actually the first shot I took all day. We gave this Beverly Hills home the accent piece it needed and for a moment, the Playboy Mansion of the 70s lived again. Staying true to the time period, this was shot on medium format film on a Hasselblad camera made in 1973
A Cameras Life // Behind every great photograph is a very special creative partnership; the photographer and their camera. As artists were always growing and moving forward but that doesnt mean we need to leave our cameras alone on a dusty shelf to be forgotten when theyre replaced. @MPBcom offer...
Imposter Syndrome // A self portrait concept. Over the last 6 years Ive lost over 400,000 followers. My journey from being the influencer photographer to being an artist hasnt been an easy one. Something about imagining stadiums full of people walking away from your art makes you doubt your craft...
Venus Goes Swimming // Part of my California Renaissance series where I attempt to turn classical paintings into contemporary photographs. This image takes on Boticellis The Birth of Venus. I wanted to give his 1485 masterpiece the Malibu treatment and bring it into the present in glamorous fashi...
This world is empty but the servers are full.We couldnt resist your digital pull.So when the future is lost and reality diesI hope you tell me beautiful liesThese are the newest pieces of my ongoing Painted Poetry series. Ive been using virtual reality headsets in my work to explore our obsession...
As a photographer, youre often mimicking poses you want the models to take. I had to show the ballerina what I was thinking for this shot. Pretty sure she got the idea Who did it better?
My 1970s Hasselblad film camera meets one of the newest medium format digital sensors on the market. The best of old and new combine to create magic in a very unique camera setup unlike anything Ive shot with before. Film body: Hasselblad 500 c/mDigital back: Hasselblad 907x
Rain Dance // @monroecline shot by me in a very rainy Downtown Los Angeles. One of my favorite things to do with my photography is to take advantage of current events and unique moments to create art that otherwise wouldnt exist. Record rainfall in LA over the last month is one of those rare mome...
Spending hundreds of hours in my studio over the last few months has my confidence in this style of photography climbing every day. I started photography like most do, just shooting outside with the available light. I was always afraid to learn studio lighting because it looked difficult. Now I a...