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Reading is fundamental, as is @bredastudio. The Sync collection, a celebration and node to full circle moments. Thank you for having me and concluding my fashion week on an amazing cord. @luar you are something so special, thank you for bringing a fresh lens and rich substance to fashion. Massive...
BREDA x Luar NYFW24 -- Behind the Scenes
GRWM for the @luar Runway Show featuring the new @bredastudio Sync Watch.#fashion #grwm #nyfw #luar #breda #reels
BREDA Meets Luar 02/13/2024 9:00 PM ESTOfficial NYFW timepiece partner of @luar
Sync Where endings embrace new beginnings.
Created to embrace its wearer The Sync timepiece challenges the way a traditional watch is attached to its case and how each link is held together.
Along with our release of the Sync timepiece, weve created a custom packaging experience that all orders will receive through its first production run.In 2024 our new collection releases will follow this pattern, an internal theme where each collection is lensed under a particular time ...
Sync A pure embrace of self.
A reimagined classic.
SyncA celebration of the human experience, emphasizing the beauty found in the synchronicity of moments.
The Sync in Silver/Smoke carries a delicate 25mm circular case, a slender, 28mm tapered bracelet and a brushed dial lensed beneath a smoke-colored crystal.
Each link of the Sync timepiece is constructed with a hinge mechanism, made to seamlessly pivot and mold around the wrist. Featuring Sync in Gold/Evergreen.