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I want to do this for those who have been personally touched or know someone who has been touched by this disease.I think its so important that people wear pink in October to continue to raise awareness. Cancer is not going away, but we must equip scientists and ourselves with the knowledge to st...
Everyone says it's important to check your breasts yourself for changes, but the changes were never visible to me. They were only found through a mammogram.When I got my diagnosis, it was tough. I was away from most of my friends and family, and couldnt have any visitors. Everyone was shocked, bu...
In 2021 my life fell apart in more ways than one. I had to move into my mums and stepdad's home at the age of 34 (with my then 4 year old daughter) due to a breakdown in my marriage. Within weeks I started having symptoms of pain in my right breast, and a bloody discharge every day in my bra.I ha...
Im very sensitive on the side I had my cancer, so underneath my arms, the side of my breasts, across the top, and underneath where the band sits is very sensitive. So Ive really struggled to find something that feels comfortable all day, is supportive, and supports my lymphoedema as well. For me,...
I was diagnosed with stage 3 HER+ breast cancer in August 2015. I understand the fears women feel about breast screening. You worry its going to hurt and then you worry its going to be bad news, but the earlier cancer is caught, the easier it is to treat.The main barriers for screening are a lack...
We had an amazing time hosting the UK interdisciplinary breast cancer conference again!Running for the fourth time, this conference brings together world-class scientists, healthcare professionals, and patient advocates. And its been such a powerful reminder that together, were building a brighte...
The emotional weight of breast cancer still hangs over and impacts me every single day. Every day, I worry if my cancer will return and whether my next scan will bring bad news. The enormity of the impact that a diagnosis of breast cancer has cant be underestimated. It becomes part of everything ...
Potentially facing the next line of treatment with Enhertu off the table is frightening. - Hannah#Enhertu for HER2-low secondary breast cancer could give Hannah a much-needed new treatment option. And with it, the hope of more time to live. But she still doesnt know if it will be available on the...
These revealing, first-of-their-kind, estimates of the economic and wellbeing costs of breast cancer in the UK show that breast cancer is far from being a done deal, and the consequences of us failing to act now are dire. Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive of Breast Cancer NowWeve partnered ...
In 2008, I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer at age 56. 10 years later, I found I had invasive ductal cancer in the other breast. The first diagnosis was a total shock to me as nobody in my family had ever been diagnosed with cancer. I have sampled many treatments including a lumpectomy, 2...
@NHSEngland and the drug company DaiichiSankyo could give women like Sophie the life-changing hope of more time. But only if they can reach a deal to make #Enhertu for HER2-low secondary breast cancer available on the NHS.We're calling on them to do everything they can to make that happen.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. And if we can prevent some of these breast cancers, this could spare people the painful experiences of diagnosis and treatment.To do this, we need to be able to measure how likely someone is to get breast cancer. So Professor Olivia Flet...