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Even the grey days are beautiful. There are two types of people in this world. The first talks endlessly about that which is most important to them; the second keeps it safe in the recesses of their heart. Which type are you? @yanntoledanophoto You don't need to get anywhere or be anything more...
Let your voice be heard You have brilliant ideas. Let your voice be heard more than just at your daily job. Im speaking on a panel this afternoon about fashion and fashion policy @reclypt. Some preliminary thoughts: garment workers (80% female) should be paid a minimum wage with per piece incen...
the universal languageTaking my walk to the streets in between @nyfw shows. Vid by @adamzea #nycstreetstyle #viralreel #modeloffduty #highpony #blondemodel
Theres no chance without luck Fortunate to have walked for some of the best designers in the world over the years. #nyfw @nyfw @ny.swimweek First clip is from a local Russian news channel, @rtvichannel second clip is from @worldfashionchannel @dennisbassonyc @leonidgurevich @in_zuz @rosina_mae #...
Words taste sweet but deeds satisfy Highlights from spending a Labor Day long weekend in style! Love beach bonfires and outdoor cookouts #hamptonsliving #luxurylifestyle #poolparty #beachbonfire #resortwear
Summer lives on @zevst Fit in a quick shoot with a talented old friend this weekend at the beach in the Hamptons! Its so funny how much perspective changes once you get up close and really know someone. We project a certain image to the world but the reality is that we are all here navigating a...
Life moves in mysterious ways Im good at picking up subtle patterns. Are you? Its not necessary to always know the how or the why in order to come to a particular conclusion. You dont have to justify yourself to anyone, including yourself. Our gut feelings are so often correct because the subcons...
Wonderful weekend so far out East @thesurflodge just having fun with friends, old and new Tried surfing for the first time today! What an experience riding the waves loving the dinners with interesting folk from around the world also. @tommysaleh @marrianamattice @alisaobrivanova @laurenjoie_ ...
The future waits for no-one. @jdthecombo @micolmelani We can always walk through that door, take that risk. But only when we see and acknowledge it as an opportunity. We only leap once we decide we have the emotional reserves But in general our life is made up of a million small decisions. How...
Come as you are. @caballeropictures @beauty_by_fomicheva @flyingsolonyc People who need their own worth affirmed through you are the ones who will doubt you the most. Never take anything personally; be open to feedback but place it under careful review. Those who have accomplished the most are t...
Elegance comes from within. @jdthecombo @micolmelani Rough draft of a poem I wrote today: Summer can be sticky -leaving me slow. Sometimes the air gets heavyand I can hear so wellRustling critters and words unsaidin the hot placid air: Humid and still.Always suddenly when the wind blowsSo loud; ...
Who me? Face it head-on. Even if youre not ready to change, or never will be, face it. Always be honest with yourself, at the very least. Accept yourself enough to be able to handle the fact that youre not only a work in progress - you always will be. I promise you, you will go further by giving ...