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Everytime a commercial says “Real people, not actors” I am again reminded that I am not real
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When all the carpets are red Where my attention goes, energy flows... Theres an idea that we collectively are able to shape the world with the power our attention. Im not sure about that but I do know - in a very concrete way - that our attention is the biggest source of positive reinforcement t...
An enchanting evening at the @LaurenAltmanstudio Resort 2024 launch! #sustainablefashion Artist & designer Lauren Altman debuted her new sustainable collection in a stunning garden presentation at Cecilia on St. Marks Place on June 11th. Her eco-conscious designs, crafted from 100% deadstock an...
grabbing any chance I can to wear my nice pearls #lifelately black dress @stellanolasco red bag @natural_nuance New York in Spring is the best #nyc #springplace #viralsounds #iggers #ambranyc #modellife #itgirl #lacedress #lbd #redbag #fashion #sustainability
on the run, wanted for stealing your heart Behind the scenes for my upcoming cover with @loammi_mag #behindthescenes #bts #fashionphotography #fashioneditorial #covermodel #loammimag #modellife #love #tailoredclothing #professionallook #sustainability #sustainablefashion
As real as they come Some people prefer fake-believe because real makes them insecure. But thats okay, I like knowing that when I say something I mean it. Swipe to find out about greenwashing {sustainability edit: black satin dress @jacobajaneofficial } #sustainability #sustainablefashion #sust...
talking to the moon listening under starlight Swipe for tips on sustainable style Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Similarly, exceptionalism is in another sense an imbalance. The most exceptional qualities also come with their downsides. Passion comes with intensity. An independe...
LOFFICIEL X BRANA is in the details swipe for my roll There are some people you immediately know you can be yourself around. Maybe its a reflection of their accepting nature or their authenticity but its definitely felt. You know they are solid and genuine. But how?Perhaps its authenticity. Bu...
Mentally at the beach (taking a nap )#Outtakes from 2024 so far, but its only getting better from here.The moments I live for are right here. Theyre everywhere, anywhere and random. Im ambitious, Im slightly competitive, I like nice things but none of it truly matters to me. A lot of the joy I f...
Happy Earth Day Environmentalists come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Caring for our home is the most universally human thing! You dont have to be crunchy or anything else to be involved. In my mind, the biggest improvements we can make are through transparency, increased awareness and anti-co...
Dont wanna miss a thing #chicagomodels #updos #bts #fashionshoot #hairstyles #happyearthday #abschicago #ultabeauty
the city has changed I am always trying to share positivity with you here, but I feel compelled to let you know how unsafe the city has become so we can do something about it. I started to notice the difference in 2019, although it was worse after. Ive had several negative experiences but Wednes...
Life; in bits & pieces Privacy is invaluable. I love sharing with you all here but there are many things I keep just for me. Its necessary to turn off the phone for a few hours. Its necessary to live in the world in real time. Its necessary to keep boundaries between work and play, even if theres...