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Can I hear a little commotion for the dress? But honestly, I started sewing this a month before the Jane Austen Festival, filled with determination and slight delusion, and I figured the result needed its own appreciation post!The more crafts Ive been doing this year, the more confident Ive becom...
Strolling around town, bumped into a pal and were twinning & repping the same indie bookshop (@pagesofhackney is the best and has STUNNING totes. I totally copied @pippity, shes the real trend setter). Celebrating the last sunny days with a baklava ice cream sandwich and an outdoors sketch group...
Goodbye Haworth, till next time! (Please, no more heatwaves during future visits).Image description: Sanne looks out over the Yorkshire hills and moors, during golden hour. #brontecountry #haworth #yorkshiremoors #literarytravel #brontesisters
My favourite thing Ive knit (or crocheted) so far this year! The Sophie Scarf is a super satisfying (and verrrrry popular) pattern from @petiteknit and one of the first things that I knew Id be able to finish without loosing momentum, easy to knit on the go and something Ive already gotten so muc...
When your friends come to town a quick stop at the local bookshop is mandatory. The theme for our purchases was unexpectedly @thebookerprizes!@leenanorms picked Tiger Work by Booker-winner Ben Okri, which is a collection of fiction, essays and poetry about climate change! I hadnt heard of it befo...
ad | Can you learn how to make a linocutting in a weekend? I used the beautiful new book by @linocutboy to create this kiwi print which Im so pleased with (and its definitely going up in a frame!). Id dabbled with linocutting before, but all the tips on tools and techniques in this book were such...
My friends are WAY too talented and two of them have books out this week, so I ran to @booksonthehillstalbans to pick up my preorders! Trouble by @lexcanroar & The Demon Sword Asperides by @sunshinejh, what a treat! #thedemonswordasperides #middlegrade #regencynovels #lexcroucher #sarahjeanhorwi...
Another review to slowly catch up on my goal to talk about pretty much every book I read this year. I accidentally bought this book TWICE, once in English from my local bookshop based on the booksellers recommendation, then in Dutch while browsing bookshops in the Netherlands. Dutch and English b...
35mm snaps of the Netherlands from my trip in March, featuring Leiden, Katwijk, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. My second roll of film of the year, and EVER, and one step closer to finishing this new years resolution. Shot on Canon AE1 Program, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400, unedited (not my personal fave...
I said Id try to review every book I read this year on here and Ive not been keeping to my promise, so get ready for some reviews!I read A Psalm for the Wild-Built for my upcoming @endoftheworldbookclubpod and Dorset was the PERFECT place for this one. Following a tea monk who wants to see more ...
Bought this as a little treat at the end of a busy work day and it arrived today. Cant wait to use it!Check out @lilianmaystudio for lovely ceramics and paints (all plastic free too!)#watercolour #ceramics #lilianmay #plasticfree #plasticfreegifts #smallbusiness
Its never too late to set some intentions for the year. These are a few of mine and if youve seen some of my recent Stories and YouTube videos you might have a small idea of which of these are currently in progress If youve got similar resolutions to mine (or if youve done them before) all advice...