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Haarlem The Netherlands Private Studio
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Private Studio in Berlin Neukölln
Custom Tattooing in a relaxed and inclusive space
Located behind asburyparkcoffee
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I will be back to Berlin at @sticksandstonesberlin from 8-11 June! I contacted a part of my waiting list, but lost some contacts because my mail was too full! Could you guys still email and Im so sorry if you didnt received an email from me! Looking forward!
Thank you so much for your trust and strength! Two days in a row on the sweet Natascha from Germany! (Healed arm right arm by me, neckpiece not). It warms my heart to see so many people travelling for me and I appreciate it so much!
Thankyou Mara! You sat like a badass!! sorry for the bad photo!
Welcome to our family! Nobody wanted you, but I love to give you a beautiful home like I always did to my dogs and rescue dogs Hes not super strong, but cant wait to make him super strong and happy!
We killed this piece in one day, thankyou for being so strong and patient! You absolutely killed it and loved doing this piece! Im super behind with uploading, sorry if you havnt seen your piece yet!
Cant wait to add some more again! I will soon update some dates about Berlin and London! Cant wait for the world to be back to normal...
Details Done on the shin, thank you for sitting like a rock!
Healed! Would love to do more tibitan style backpieces! I wanna thank everybody for the kind words and support, Im so glad we are open again from 3 March! I cant wait to start all the ongoing and new projects, Im over the moon!
Thank you so much guys!
Both hips done on the amazing tough Michelle! Thank you so much for your trust and all your strength! Sorry for the bad photos , but swipe to the right to see a more detailed photo! Cant wait to see it healed !
Close up I love healed lines more, but maybe Im the only one! On
Loveed doing this one for Ana the trooper!! Next to middle neck part from the amazing @vencis__ Cant believe the strength of my clients time over time! Sorry for the tape (It made anas skin not happy) photo a bit wrapped and second photo a bit bloody