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Its been over a year since my last post crazy!2023 was one most difficult, yet fulfilling years of my life. Ive never experienced sadness on that level. Im usually not a very emotional person so it was hard for me to feel not in control. Id get to the gym and start crying. I would be out working ...
Dont try L-sits after heavy back day and lots of pull-ups lol FAILLL Happy Friday everyone!
Discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something and you dont talk back. We all know what to do for the most part, but why dont we do it? We talk ourselves out of things, we have really good excuses, and we dont have immediate consequences. But what is on the other side for you if you...
Not my birthday, but we still hitting back on a Sunday!
1st video on the iPhone 14 pro! Back Finisher for Sunday Funday.
Some throwback calisthenics! Cant wait to start getting back into this now that my shoulder is finally getting stronger!LESSSSS GOOOO
Consistency over Everything.Triceps burnout:3 sets of 10 Tricep extensions on barbell20 Diamond push-ups20 Kickbacks w/ DBsSave it & Try it out next workout!
Shoutout to everyone making progress today and every day. Sometimes the process isnt linear. Sometimes it feels like youre going backwards, but the backwards steps are necessary to course correct the steps moving forward. Keep going. We got this!
Another day at the office Heres some BTS from our shoot!Grateful to be able to do what I love and stay photoshoot ready year round. Motivation to get even more shredded! Morning Routine Challenge starting this Monday! DM me if you want in!Full day of shooting with @aeromats with @fitdobiedad and ...
Recovery Day at @spacebarwellness with an ice bath & infrared sauna! 34 degrees is no joke. I definitely underestimated how cold it was going to be! Im usually pretty confident with this stuff HAHA! Love a good challenge though! Make sure you have recovery days each week to allow your body to reb...
One of my favorite photos with @brandon_jameson Grateful to work with such talented people.Time to go Greek God mode again
Choose your hard.We will all suffer for something in our lives. Lets make sure we suffer for something thats worth it. Choose it. Every day. Happy Monday!