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Took some photos on my last visit to Ohio, idk what else to say about them. Like them? Hate them? Feedback? My editing is still cheeks.
Cars in small town Ohio. Which is your favorite?. Sony A7IV + Sony FE 35mm f/1.4 GM
i'm only here for the algorithm
Some more photos from this years trip to Boston. Which one(s) stick out the most to you?
First round of shots from my trip to Boston. Which is your favorite?
Heres my lone selfie for 2024, Im getting grey af. Alright see yah this time in 2025!
Idk why but I get the feeling I like taking photos of buildings and structures. Just a hunch, though.
I wont lie, I dont particularly love some of these shots lol. Sometimes I try to capture a feeling or emotion more than a subject and it doesnt always translate well to a still image. I still wanted to share them though, its a part of the growth! How do you feel about them? I think the first one ...
Still editing shots from Boston and Gatlinburg lol. Do you like seeing a few photos per post or do you think it would be better to post each photo on its own to get you more stuff in your feed more often?
Windows and doors. I said I was done with portrait but these just work better oriented this way lol
I walked around my hometown and tried some night photography. It is hard lol. Making a solid effort to shoot more in landscape this year instead of portrait solely for the gram.
The holidays are here!