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Happy Mothers Day to the One and Only LOML! I am my own worst enemy sometimes and I do dissappoint her, but she always finds ways to smile and somehow forgive me. Yes, I there are times when I am the ultimate jabroni even to my wife! She is my queen and she always deserves the best. A lot of tim...
Career HighsMy career in strength and conditioning/sports performance has been extremely rewarding. A big reason for that was the athletes who accepted hard and sometimes crazy coaching, and the numerous members on my staffs who accepted the challenge of working for a guy who at one time my wife...
One Motion Work for the WinReturned to @southside_strength for another go at the Log!Super successful session. Decided based on training around injury and overall upper body strength levels, its in my best interest with the Log Clean and Press to utilize me strengths. Right now I have a pretty s...
New Episode Chasing Nick Best2 Round Repetition Summation Ramp Up1 to 10 ramp up Round 1 320 pounds1 to 10 ramp up Round 2 270 poundsGoal is to minimize rest but there is no standard rest periods. I try to start with 10 second rest for set 1-4 reps then add 5 seconds per set until I start additio...
Today we had our final send off for my friend, mentor, coach, and brother Joey Bullock. Joey I may have been the shortest former player there, but I am still the strongest!!! See you when I see you!Some of the Hogs that Joey coached over the years!!!
My princess is 11. Amazing how fast it goes!!!! Happy birthday Leighton Blaine.
ARM FARMThis superset can be used as either a finisher or an stand alone!Duration - 10:00Rounds - 5Elbow Flexion - EZ Bar Reverse Curls x15,12,10 odd sets - EZ Bar Curl x12,10 even setsElbow Extension - @flex_lewis 5 piece25 reps eachround 1 rope pushdown pull apart at Extround 2 rope pushdown ne...
Max Effort Deadlift Session12 Pull3 Attempted SinglesFocal PointsPatient First Pull - Push Hard thru the deck, get the slack out of the bar and use the flex to my advantageSTRESSing AccelerationContinue to be consistent on my approach to the bar and set upSessionFrom Deck135 2x5, 155x5, 185x3From...
My brother @bighousepower talking about how his high school weight room / strength and conditioning program was a major factor as to how he was able to go to a division, one university to play football on scholarship In high school, the standout athletes might be able to skip the weight room, ge...
Pt 1 of 3 with the REALEST @bighousepower Great times touring BIG HOUSE POWER HQ.House & I met in 2008 when he was at Louisville, and they traveled to play football against Rutgers, you could see those videos on my YouTube channel Before that, we were on the Q&A team with @elitefts We spoke for...
Wishing the very best to my oldest Joe,31 years old today! Imagine that!!!!!
Pre Fatigue/Pre ExhaustA popular method in HIT Training as well as the sport of Bodybuilding in the 70s and 80s was pre fatigue as muscle group/body part with an isolation movement followed by a multi joint movement for the same emphasis.Here is an example of a chest pair on the Nautilus Compound...