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Thank you for attending our eighth edition
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Crybaby Beyond The Valley 2023 (full set). Listen via link in bio From the third day of BTV 2023, Crybabys high energy contribution to our New Years adventure. On repeat x
Lets take a moment to step back in time. What was your favourite set you saw at Dr Dans? Stage Design: Henry Howson & Ambrose Zacharakis
An adventure like no other
dameeeela Beyond The Valley 2023 (full set). Listen via link in bio A set bursting with electricity, teleport yourself back to dameeeela at the Dance Dome on day two of BTV 2023.
salute Beyond The Valley 2023 (full set). Listen via link in bio Jump back in to salutes Dance Dome set. The producer, songwriter & DJ shines with a highlight moment from Day 4 of BTV 2023.
Lets relive Airwolf Paradise b2b Torren Foot from Day One of BTV 2023 watch the full Dance Dome set via link in bio. Been thinking about this since it happened x
We ended 2023 with this Decades DJ set at @beyondthevalleyfest This could quite possibly be the last time we perform these sets, who knows It was so good we decided to release it on YouTube. Here it is, link in our bio.
PSA Advance Tickets expire tomorrow [Tues] @ 12PM AEDT. Link in bio Advance Tickets are the best way to secure the most coveted ticket types for our ninth edition.
Missing moments like this DMA's Live on The Valley Stage.Watch the full version on our Youtube Channel link in bio.
Our home
The BTV 2023 Aftermovie has arrived Final chance for Advance Tickets link in bioRelive all the magic that made our eighth edition the most special Beyond The Valley yet.We cant wait to do it all again
Mentally still at Dr Dans William Kiss - Like This