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Fight for the man whos been on the right side of issues for over 40 years working for the 99 A true real life American hero Bernie Sanders
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U.S. Senator for Vermont. Not me, us.
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Do I really have to go into bankruptcy for not being able to afford health insurance but a drunk driver hitting me and hospitalizing me? Healthcare should be a right Thank you @berniesanders
Tell em Bernie!! #eattherich @berniesanders
facts today
Legendary. Thank you for never stop fighting to take down the elite monopolized industries over govt in this country.
Sad sad world.
HMMMMM would ya just look it
This man has forever changed the way we look at politics today. Thank you for leading this movement like a true gentleman after all the unsavory establishment schemes. A Biden win is a dunk win for Trump so we will continue to fight for whats right. We care about the issues.
A tale of 2 truths
Know the facts about NAFTA. It will make u cringe.
Full disclosure: Unless you make over 250K per year where you will be paying more in taxes
This is much better than the current. Theyre trying to stack against us. Stand strong into Super Tuesday!
Socialist has had a demonized name in our society for far too long. The difference between socialism and democratic socialism. YUUUGE Democratic socialism is for the people by the people. Do your research and always expand your mind