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I got out my @forneyind and made the frame for this cantilevered oversized bench that will serve as an outdoor yoga studio that from the right angle will seem to be floating of the desert. #makersgonnamake #industrialdesign #architecture
Lego + Concrete = coffee maker! @lego sets are awesome but I typically loose the instructions and just build small objects for domestic life like this coffee set up. One I get the design the way I want I just pour over some @smoothon mold star 30 silicone to get a reusable mold I can use for conc...
I used water balloons to form interconnected cavities in this resin side table. I used @totalboat thick set fathom resin and a handful of @ryobitoolsusa The box mold was made using @kregjig corner clamps and cutting guides. #epoxy #resinart #furnituredesign #moderndesign #makersgonnamake
Storms can give you free materials. This rock got washed out of our driveway in a recent storm and the mulberry log come frame a fallen tree. I used my @ryobitoolsusa chainsaw, angle grinder, drill and sander to turn these salvaged materials into a bench/media console/coffee table. This was a pre...
One of my favorite projects made from free/salvaged materials! The fabrication only required 4 of my @ryobitoolsusa power tools. Video coming soon! #woodworking #furnituredesign #makersgonnamake #industrialdesign
Update! After listening to the observations from people with far more experience I think the experiment will end here and I do NOT recommend recreating this experiment. It seems that while it could be fine with controlled parameters or with a gas burner, the imprecise nature of a fuel like wood c...
I hired a supervisor to make sure @ijessup s sanding is on point! @ryobitoolsusa orbital sander with 150 grit also pictured. #woodworker #makersgonnamake
In 2024 I am going to use chainsaws more. Thats the resolution! Seriously though this @ryobitoolsusa 40volt chainsaw went to through this mulberry log like butter and all my rough carving didnt even use 1/4 of a single battery
I started sharing small design projects online about 10 years ago and then things escalated! As someone who has always had one foot in the business world and the other in a creative dreamland I prefer the idea of escalation over scaling. Scaling can be a noble pursuit of efficiency and precise re...
I made an outdoor sofa that only requires a few basic @ryobitoolsusa along with some key accessories from @kregjig I used @real.cedar for the panels and seat boards and I ordered custom outdoor cushions online. I have done diy cushions a few different ways before but didnt see much of a cost sav...
I am making pour over coffee stands out of rocks! My @ryobitoolsusa angle grinder is great for cutting and grinding stone. I used my hammer drill to drill holes that allowed me to glue in stainless steel rods with anchoring epoxy. This pour over set works well with my @fellowproducts kettle and s...
#ad Reset Hotel is my biggest project today which means i cant just DIY it. I have to share ideas with my team and make sure design feedback is coordinated amongst our investors, operators, design staff, contractors, and fabricators. I am using @magicaltome to create dynamic presentations that ...