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Shoutout to my shoot team for grinding hard with me throughout this (almost) 9 year journey. @teambeerbiceps Can't possibly tag everyone, can't possibly share all the insane stories we've gone through together.It's our 10th & 11th podcast of this week. Takes a lot of focus & stamina to be able to...
Does true love (like in the movies) exist? Comment after voting. #ValentinesDay
12 game changing tips for your career :1. Underpromise and overdeliver consistently to build a reputation. 2. Deliver work faster than you're expected to.3. The greatest subject not taught in school or college : social skills.4. A sense of humour is an F1 car in the race for social currency.5. Yo...
Kashmir photo dump I promise you, it's even more beautiful than it looks in pictures.I promise you that snow heals your soul if it meets the eye.I promise you that the love of Kashmiris makes you more loving.And above all, I promise you that there's nothing that warms the heart like North Indian ...
Biggest grooming tip of your life - Use fragrances (perfumes)Here is a recommendation you will thank me for - Check out CodeGrooming.com & Code Fragrances (@codeofficial_in)Why? - Affordable.- Easy to carry around.- Suited to Indian Men (Yes, I strongly believe that genetics and the local climate...
January photo dump...There is a joy I've found in killing off my emotion, A dry smile I see in my heartless chest, When the intentions are good and the mission is clean,A dry life, void of emotion will give your soul its rest.We're taught to pay empty heed to our emotions, Knowing fully well that...
When you give yourself time & sleep in order to heal, you realise...1. You'll wake up one day with acceptance instead of self pity.2. You'll realise that love is an energy that can be given to romance as well as family.3. You'll realise that passion is an emotion that can be given to your lover a...
The best gift my mother gave me when I was a child was this Hanuman Chalisa that I'm holding in this video. It was my first introduction to the concept of the divine. During my childhood, the visual image of God for me was Hanumanji.As life moved on, my faith stayed strong. I grew up fairly relig...
Return of fashion bhaiyya? Back in 2017-2019 we produced a heap of men's style content. Stopped it all for a while, almost lost all interest in clothes.But life is making me fall in love with clothes yet again...May your weekend be as happy as my face when I get to wear 2024 Game Of Thrones Style...
Comment with a if you agree.Credits : @amig_insta on #TheRanveerShow.Edit : @akshattiiwari, @through_the_glass_eye.
10 things that don't cost anything : 1. The respect you give others.2. Kindness towards those who can do nothing for you.3. Compassion towards animals.4. Gratitude for your good health.5. Manners.6. Replacing your judgement with curiosity.7. Smiling.8. Being patient with your loved ones.9. Being ...
Today (13th Jan at 5pm IST) we begin our AFC Asian Cup Campaign In a country where even our mainstream news media doesn't speak much about the world's most loved game , it's the job of social media to do so!Make sure that a maximum number of Indians know that OUR TEAM is going to be in action thi...