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Maybe its Maybelline
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Rough day, wonderful night. April work
Had to pop out
So much fun today at @maybelline festival sing to shineEnded up spoil my tummy with one of my fav ramen @ramen38official
From kyoto to Jakarta, good coffe must stop by @kurasuid
Hydrasilk lip tint from buttonscurves has 6 shades kiss proof and ready to slay! For lips that feel as good as they look
Daily detox pakai @fibrefirst Masih bingung untuk mencari suplemen tinggi serat alami?FibreFirst jawabannya! FibreFirst merupakan suplemen tinggi serat alami yang sudah terbukti dengan izin edar BPOM SI.Aman untuk tubuh karena FibreFirst rendah kalori serta tidak menyebabkan rasa mulas berlebih.S...
Re-opening Store BurnBurn Paris banyak banget promo nya ! Don't miss it !
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Having a good lunch at @satumeja pretty place delicious food.
Beef bulgogi Taco was delicious, also a cute canned coffee ready to drink the rich and goodness. You can try their special menu for this spooky October Butter Bear