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2023 what a bloody lovely year its been. Thankyou for giving me so many magical moments and memories! Just to top it off, Im going into 2024 with STABLE SCAN RESULTS A new training studio to open @5elementschester oh and also starting it with a trip to South Africa For the first time in a very...
Give the gift of health this Fitmas-Gift vouchers are available! You can buy a monthly bundle:1 x weekly session2 x weekly sessionsCouples/friends sessions - Please just drop me a DM or email bexfit5@gmail.com if you would like to purchase one -#personaltrainingstudio #chestertweetsuk #chesterper...
Madeira, you beauty -Im not going to do a long post because it was just a gorgeous time with my gorgeous friends and Im sat with a very full heart tonight
The wedding of dreams -Gosh I dont even know where to start. I guess I can start by saying that Im beyond grateful of my team who managed to get me an early scan so I could go and enjoy celebrating one of my oldest & dearest friends big day in Portugal. STABLE BABY -As my dad said over the weeken...
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STABLE SCAN RESULTS -After a very rocky couple of months and having every scan possibleall my readings are STABLE babyyyy! So we now have a catch 22: Im beyond grateful for the amazing medication I can take to keep the cancer at bay and keep me ALIVE! However, they come with a big dose of side e...
And just like that, its scan week I wont lie, I havent been feeling good lately. Ive had all sorts of tests on my ears and eyes and getting physio but something just isnt feeling right so my amazing team at Clatterbridge has managed to move my brain scan forward to Friday. Theyre not worried & I...
Teramakasi -Id forgotten to post the final chapter of Bali. I asked for good scan results when I came home and I received them! I Came back with a whole new sense of peace but also a whole load of problems with my ear to disrupt that peace! its crazy how fast 3 months can go by as Im approachin...
After receiving bad scan results in September, I took time off the gym and just focused on walking with some stretch work.-7 months on my new treatment plan and finally building some strength and confidence at the gym. My main focus is daily movements with my body: walking, Pilates, yoga, swimmin...
I couldnt think of a better way to spend my 31st Birthday then with all my humans seeing @gemmawhitlow and @vscardino19 tie the knot!!
Bali pt 4: Ubud -Im still not over Bali, I still have a million Bali photos and stories to share BUT I also have some wonderful news to share too!-Since coming back from Bali, Ive been having all kinds of issues with my left ear & head. Back and to from the doctors and waiting anxiously for my de...