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We love all the dads at our church!!Tag your dad in a comment, and tell him what you love most about him!#happyfathersday #fathers #baysidechurch
Happy Fathers Day Thank you for joining us this morning! We cant wait to see you back here at The Six
Heaven Touching Earth Todays Special Needs Rally was INCREDIBLE!!!!!
Adventures, friendships, and memories made at Breakaway Kids Camp! From thrilling activities to heartwarming moments, this summer is one for the books.
Join us this Sunday 9 & 11 AM we are continuing in our Unstoppable Church series on the book of Acts. Pastor Michael is back and teaching on Acts 5where we will learn just how unstoppable the church really is.We cant wait to see you ADV fam!
Ready to discover your new favorite podcast? Our curated network is designed to empower and inspire you. Tune in now! Link in bio! #PodcastLovers #Inspiration #Empowerment #ListenNow #ThrivePodcastNetwork #BaysideChurch
Your Kids Will Love It Here! Join us for Breakaway Sky Camp 2024 this summer! Sign your kid up for the best summer of their life by texting Breakaway to 56316#baysidechurch #breakaway #summercamp #kids #kidscamp
We will never stop sharing the good news of Jesus Christ who changed our lives for the better and can change yours too.
Whats your favorite moment at Bayside? Let us know in the comments below
We're so grateful for the sacrifice of so many that have secured our freedom. Today we honor those who gave their lives so that we could worship and live freely#memorialday #baysidechurch
Thank you for joining us this Memorial Day Weekend Join us tonight at 6pm with @kevin_a_thompson + @amybethz continuing Unstoppable: The Book of Acts#memorialdayweekend #baysidechurch #worship #community #church
Whos ready for church this Memorial Day Weekend? Join us tomorrow morning 8:15a 9:45a 11:30a & 6pm. We cant wait to see you here