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Im just having fun with content and sharing content creation tips to help creators grow on social media
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The wave of the future is here Offering the Professional Barber Stylist the most advanced technology jrlusa
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The great debate of having the perfect edge up versus keeping it natural. I remember struggling with always trying to give my clients the perfect edge up intern pushing their hairline farther back then it needed to be There is a fine line between making it look perfect and pushing it back we as b...
Recap of Anaheim premiere at @jrlusa and @h14club booths with educators @barberphil15 and @assyria.gindo showing off their talents and attracting crowds! #barber #jrlusa #haircare #barbering #haircuts
I remember having to do hair cuts at $10 a cut on Wednesdays. I must say I hated it lol. I remember trying to rush thru cuts because I didnt want to do them in term taking longer cuz I was applying so much pressure to the head and pushing the clipper flat to the head not realizing that to much pr...
Did I save him!??? Looking for a barber in Tucson Arizona click the link in my bio #barber #haircut #barbershop #barbering #haircuts #fade #tucsonbarber #arizonabarber
Breaking the Stereotype: if I had a dollar for every time someone with short hair or bald says Can you cut my hair making a joke like they no longer qualify to go the barbershop. Well I beg the differ I offer services for all shapes and lengths. Book a service if you want this experience or book...
Journeying through life, hand in hand, with you by my side. From the moment our paths crossed, my world transformed forever. Grateful to have you as my number one supporter and partner. Together, we create our own wonderland.#couplegoals #powercouple #thewonderlands #entrepreneurship
From Shaggy to Sharp: Witness the Jaw-Dropping Transformation! Dont miss out on the chance to experience your own hair makeover - book your appointment now and get youe life saved like Ben did #HairTransformation #BookNow #barber #arizonabarber #tucsonbarber #barberintucson #barberinarizona #tu...
Experience the quality of precision cuts with the aid of top-notch tools. Join me as I create a custom hairstyle for a loyal client, using the exceptional @jrlusa tools. Elevate your craft with the finest tools available - Purchase yours today at #hair #hairstyles #barberin...
Struggling with work-life balance has been a long-standing challenge for me, as Ive tried to find the best approach and prioritize my responsibilities. However, I eventually came to the realization that achieving perfect balance is nearly impossible. Instead, I made the decision to let go, influe...
When you share, you grow! Over the past 8 years, Ive had the privilege of sharing my talents, and with each experience, Ive evolved into a better barber, educator, and entrepreneur. As we look ahead to 2024, its clear that this year will be all about elevation and creation. Are you ready to join ...
If you looking for a custom cut like this click the link in my bio #barber #arizonabarber #tucsonbarbers #barbershop #phoenixbarbers #barberintucson #tucsonbarber #scottsdalebarbers #tucsonbarbers
Creating a custom cut that best suits the model, the individual, and their desired style is crucial in distinguishing yourself from other barbers in the area. Allow me to share a tutorial on how I skillfully crafted a unique mullet for one of my valued clients.In this campaign, we emphasize the i...