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quick weekend recipe: a 41 grams of protein pumpkin spiced yogurt bowl with all the toppings!.1/2 cup @twogood vanilla1/2 cup @fage 2%2 tablespoons pumpkin pure1/2 scoop @cleansimpleeats cinnamon roll1 tablespoon flax1 tablespoon @proteincookiebutter salted caramel Sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice...
chocolate peanut butter smoothie but make it GREEN! This tastes like a rich, Reeses blizzard (dont forget the toppings!) but its full of all good for you things:1 cup milk of choice1 cup steamed and frozen zucchini 1/2 cup steamed and frozen white sweet potato 1/2 cup frozen spinach 1 serving ...
Good morning and happy Monday Was flipping through my pictures thinking about what I wanted to eat for breakfast and thought Id share a few favorite meals on here with some thoughts .I read @drmaryclaire Galveston Diet, @dr.mindypelz Fast Like a Girl and @gorgeousesther See Ya Later Ovulator t...
@thepeachiespoon almond joy overnight noatmeal was my breakfast of champions today! Made up a double batch in about 3-minutes yesterday and this was ready and waiting for me this morning Fueling with fiber, fats and protein is the only was for me to stay full over a long period of time and these...
Happiest when filled with purpose Like so many, we have a busy life. Packed with school, two soccer schedules, a partner who travels each week and Pepper Even with the busy pace of life, my desire to work is strong. I love being a health coach and getting back to work this week has me feeling ...
I feel my best me after a workout. My head feels a clear, my heart is calm, my body is strong and I am just grateful. Movement in a a gift I look forward to each day and something I will never take for granted Today was a @madeline_moves conditioning + chest/back day. I also wore my new @wearpel...
Breaking that fast!.This blueberry chocolate smoothie has been on repeat this week & I finally measured every ingredient out! It has superfoods, antioxidants, loads of protein and tastes like a chocolate milkshake .1 cup milk of choice (I used cashew), 1 serving @cleansimpleeats brownie batter,...
when the photo log is full here are all the meals that were documented and never made it to a solo square happy sunday from me to you! #bbwellness #brookebrennanwellness #healthcoach....#over40 #perimenopause #primaldiet #wholefooddiet #eattherainbow #eatlocal #carnivore #hormonebalance #protei...
good morning and a sweet, vanilla belly soothing smoothie hope you are all well! I am coming off a little stomach bug and was so happy to have normal hunger today and create breakfast. goal being to still promote feeling good after I eat ;).1/2 cup @fage 2%1/2 cup @raw_farm_usa kefir2 tablespoons...
on repeat : yogurt + oat bowl.this has been my go to breakfast at home and on the road the last few weeks- its easy, delicious, keeps you full and has great fiber sources ..lets do it: bottom layer is one package of maple brown sugar @betteroats with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds + enough hot water ...
our farmers market date yesterday inspired our salad last night eating in-season and local are two dietary philosophies I prescribe to- a farmers market is the perfect place to start!.This salad has local greens, peaches , oranges , strawberries , purple radish and local goat cheese. We served g...
everything is better when we are together my love has been home with us the last 11 days and it has been the best gift. he is on the road quite a bit and hit pause last week to be with us and we thrive when our whole unit is under one roof. we went on dates, dog walks, shared in the nighttime ki...