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Good morning Its been a while and life has given us that gift of a summer slow down. Hope that you are all doing wonderful and wanted to share some pictures and 10- updates on life as of late 1. Kids are out of school and we officially have two middle schoolers2. I took off my Fitbit and turned ...
We had the best chicken pizza last night!.I used a meat mallet and pounded a chicken breast nice and thin. Seasoned it with salt and pepper. Grilled it off and then topped it with leftover turkey bolognese (you can sub pizza or marinara sauce) and grated mozzarella cheese. Close the grill and let...
if you like pancakes , you will love this noatmeal pancake!.Step 1: go to my last post, the fudgy noatmeal recipe with pb fluffy topping (not the adorable puppy one).Step 2: Take all the exact same dry ingredients, but instead of milk as the liquid you add 3/4 cup liquid egg whites .Step 3: Brown...
Life is infinitely better with dogs Welcome to the family sweet Tatum He is our good luck charm and one sweet little guy! Cant wait to take endless walks, teach him to be a good boy and watch him bond with Pepper Twice the fun and weighing in at just under 13 pounds at 8 weeks Puppy love! #bb...
Lets make peanut butter fluff + fudge noatmeal .I am not reinventing the wheel here with a noatmeal recipe and think its vital to know that this recipe is inspired by @thepeachiespoon + @nestwellness_ noatmeal and @bewellbykelly warm faux meal. High in protein and fiber for those out there who do...
Sometimes health feels like a game of whack a mole I had my physical this week with my nurse practitioner who I love and respect. Shes smart, open minded and cares about you as a whole person. I was SO happy that my glucose was the lowest its been- 82!.This number was brought down by adding anim...
3 AM alarm anyone? If you had 4 hours before your day officially started, what would you do?? Here is our morning from 3:00-7:00 AM- share yours with me!.....#bbwellness #earlybird #3am #morningroutine #weekend #strengthtraining #peloton #infaredsauna #autophagy #fastedworkout #intermittentfasti...
Do you know how to create a salad that can keep you full for 4-6 hours?
13 weeks of low and slow.What I did:Movement: @korekinectpilates 4-5 times a week, daily @onepeloton hikes or power walks (30-45 min)// short lift sessions 1-2/ week depending on my back.What I noticed: my inflammation went way down, my back/hip/joint pain reduced by 75-80%. I didnt miss heavy li...
superfood orange creamsicle blended hot tea- perfect afternoon pick me up made possible by some beautifully curated and blended products by @organifi // @mamooshco // @angigreene // @wainwrightdairy ..This tastes like a warm, vanilla and orange swirled ice cream, and is loaded with a blend of p...
A weekend away in Nashville with Michael We had such a relaxing trip and it was long overdue! We left Friday morning after two of the most turbulent flights Ive ever been on MB just smiled at me as I grabbed his arm, cursed and then prayed. Very happy to land! We stayed @1hotel.nashville and we...
Its Taco Tuesday so I thought Id share my take- its a delicious taco salad full of flavor Romaine// @backyard.buffalo strained yogurt// @nativesunjax pickled onions// salsa// organic shredded Mexican cheese// avocado // ground beef (organic beef, ghee, @jenniferfisherkitchen spicy salt, garlic a...