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My boy loves to cuddle bis baby sister before he goes to sleep Not long sona few weeks to go until we meet her
Consistency beats talent when talent is not consistent.Focus on staying consistent and the rest will come #interacialcouple #fitcouple #parents #foryou #foryourpage
Going 10 years of spending 24/7 with each other, the only alone time we get is when we are going to toilet sometimes.We both work from home around the kids, I cant believe we been doing it for almost 10 years now together 24/7 My wife is highly educated, after finishing her university in Germany...
There has never been a better time to be part of something big like right now Team Australia lets goooooooo This time next year we will be 4 times the amount of people you see in the picture We have the best products , we have the leadership and we have the best marketing network mentors in the...
8 years ago we shared a hotel room in USA during our first Herbalife honors.We were 3 Get team members back then and one millionaire team member. 8 years later we are all on President team level with one person leading the pack for the other 3 to follow himTo all the people sharing rooms at ext...
Usain Bolt cant keep up with my pregnant wife This mama is giving birth in less than two monthsShe is doing it all, weight lifting, outdoor running etc.#fitmum #fitpregnancy #healthylife
Some people have short memories You can do so many good things to some people, but if you do one thing wrong they forget about all the good things you done for them.Make sure you take care of yourself cos this is the only thing you can control Have a wonderful Tuesday guys #fitdad #Mentor#welln...
My gifts from God My Family #family
Praying on my daughter She is coming to save me from all these mummy boys I have in the house #daddysgirl #family #viral #viralvideos #couplegoals #melbourne #australia #interacialcouple #loveyou
So proud of my Queen at 8 months + pregnant she is still putting the work in Our online 10 day challenge is starting in 3 days, inbox us if you have wellness goals and need help #TheFitCouple#Parents #HealthyPregnancy #WeChangeLives
8 months Not long to go until our little princess is here #TheFitCouple #parents #foryou #foryoupage#entrepreneurs #businessmentors
Just finished a day challenge with our clients, not only I was motivating them but I was also doing the challenge myself.I gained more lean muscles and got leaner as well The next 10 day challenge starting in 6 daysMessage me if you want to join our community and work on your own wellness goals I...