Painter and drawer in Los Angeles.
Next up: ‘Rakugaki’ drawings/doodles group show 4/4/20 Saturday at GR2 in LA.
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All season01 episodes are now live! _gen+esc @gen_esc generati0n escape short art films by Rabi Towing @rabi__towing direct link in my bio. ??? #genesc #rabitowing #audreykawasaki #audkawa
_gen+esc_sessi0n_06 _Audrey_kawasaki _filmed_01_29_2021 Opens 09.15.22. @rabi__towing @gen_esc @nomadblvd #genesc
That’s me in the green suit. Rabi made me do it. ?? Season one @gen_esc Created by @rabi__towing Premiers September 15th @nomadblvd in West Hollywood . . . . . . . . . . _gentes_sessiOn 06 Audrey_kawasaki filmed 01 29 2021 _gen+esc (generation+escape) invites you to reimagine embodiments of humanity and self, de...
So happy to be a part of ‘Something Special’ group show, curated by my dear friend Mari Inukai @marillavanilla in celebration of her daughter Sena’s 30th birthday! Opening night is this Saturday Sept. 10th 6-9pm at GR2 @giantrobot in Los Angeles. I will have a new drawing on display. Lovely to be ...
The Moleskin Project group exhibit presented by @HarmanProjects is opening this Friday 9/9 at @mesaartscenter in Mesa, Arizona. Show runs until December 4th. Hope you get a chance to see this show! ‘My Lady King’ Pencil and acrylic in Moleskin sketchbook. #audreykawasaki #audkawa #themoleskineproject...
My new print is now available for 48 hours! Signed and numbered archival print of ‘Right This Way’ is now available exclusively at @staticmedium (Link to shop is in my bio.) This special timed release is for 48 hours only. Anyone who places an order during this time will be guaranteed a print. Beg...
Save the date.? This Thursday to Friday. September 1st-2nd. Available for 48 hours. Time limited print. Stay tuned. ??? @staticmedium #audreykawasaki #audkawa #staticmedium
My new piece ‘Right This Way’ is on display at Merry Karnowsky Gallery’s 25th Anniversary Exhibit @kpprojectsgallery The show runs until August 27th. Be sure to check out this brilliant show if you’re in Los Angeles!✨ KP Projects (Merry Karnowsky Gallery) @kpprojectsgallery Gallery hours 12-6pm Cl...
I am super honored and excited to be a part of the Merry Karnowsky Gallery @kpprojectsgallery 25th Anniversary Group Exhibit this Saturday August 6th in Los Angeles. Swipe for details. What a line-up!!? Here is a sneak peek of my piece ‘Right This Way’ Acrylic and graphite on Rosewood veneer panel...
I’m thinking of doing a question-and-answer here or somewhere. Do you have any questions for me? Comment here to begin.? ✨bang??‍♀️bang✨ (edit: I can’t promise I’ll get to all of them in a timely manner. I’ll see what I can do, but I do like to take my time.) #audreykawasaki #audkawa
London! July 28- July 30 I am happy to announce, I have a brand new painting on display at the ‘Across the Pond’ group exhibit by @thinkspace_art ? ‘Across the Pond’ Thinkspace Projects in London On view July 28 to July 30, 2022 at: Espacio Gallery @espaciogallery 159 Bethnal Green Road London, Englan...
Strange days. Still waiting for my visa to get approved, so I can move from the US to the UK. This should have happened months ago, but was recently informed that it may take even longer. So, I am still waiting and living in Los Angles. Slight shift of plans here and there. Slight changes in livi...