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When Luxury meets Motorsports! Welcome to @fujispeedwayhotel , a unique hotel at the foot of Mount Fuji. Whats so special about it? Its located just next to an international race circuit and it offers a super cool driving experience within the circuit! You can also enjoy Karting and they even hav...
Can you relate? #Thailand #ThailandTravel #ThailandTrip
Can you believe this is inside an airport? From all the airports that I traveled to, Singapore has the be the most impressive one! If you visit it soon, dont miss the Rain Vortex, a 40-meter waterfall located inside the futuristic The Jewel building. More tips on travelling to Singapore in my ...
Summer is the season of festivals in Japan! After 3 years of suspension, summer festivals are finally back! And today, I attended Ebisu Bon Odori festival in Tokyo.It was so much fun, the atmosphere was festive and friendly and everyone looked so happy. Good vibes only! Everyone can participate i...
Sanja Matsuri today in Tokyo! Sanja matsuri is one of the most popular festivals in Japan! It takes places in Asakusa (Tokyo) every third weekend of May. The celebrations include the procession of Mikoshi, sacred portables shrines that participants carry on their shoulders! Dont miss this festiva...
Nishinomiya shrine is the head temple of all Ebisu shrines in Japan! Ebisu is one of the 7 lucky gods in Shintoism and its the god of fishermen and good fortune in business. Thats why you will find here a lot of items featuring a cute red fish, including in Japanese Ema and in Omikuji. Its locate...
I found the COOLEST Sake bar in Japan! Its called Nadagogo Sakedokoro and its located in Nada district, near Kobe.Did you know that Nada district alone produces 30% of the total Sake production in Japan? In this bar, you will be able to try different kinds of local Sake produced in Nada breweries...
Its Sakura season in Tokyo! Every year in Japan, the beginning of spring season is marked by the blooming of Sakura flowers. Japanese celebrate this event during a Hanami. Its basically a picnic that you enjoy with your friend under the Sakura trees. The last few years, we had some restrictions b...
Amazing Yakiniku night in Tokyo! This restaurant is really next level. If you want to enjoy quality Wagyu beef in a luxury atmosphere, you should really visit this place! Book this restaurant at @japanbyfood (link in bio)
Discreet smile of a Geigi in Niigata
The ancient kingdom of Siam
We finish this tour of Nara prefecture with the charming Dorogawa onsen town. Its the ideal stop if you want to relax and to release all your stress in a remote area. Make sure you go out after the sunset as the town displays a beautiful light-up!